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The Yashica Mat-124 B is variation of the Mat-124G but without a exposure meter. The base of the camera has a locking knob with Brasil inscribed. Links General links. In English: Yashica Mat-124G tribute page, by Berry de Bruijn (web archive version of a page that is now offline) Yashica Mat-124G at Aruku Camera; Yashica Mat-124 at Classic. This page was last edited on 21 September 2007, at 19:42. Text is available under GNU Free Documentation License 1.3; other licenses apply to photos.; Privacy policy. The following 32 files are in this category, out of 32 total. Faltlichtschachtsucher geschlossen IMGP0556.jpg. Faltlichtschachtsucher offen IMGP0555.jpg. Faltlichtschachtsucher Sportsucher IMGP0561.jpg. Flexaret, Rolleicord, Yashica dual lens cameras 23.06.18 JM.jpg. Vintage Yashica MAT-124G Twin-Lens Reflex (TLR) Film Camera, Black Body, Made.

MAT 124G - Repair Manual Yas_Mat_124G_rm_eng Free User Guide for Yashica Camera, Manual 2015-08-20 : Yashica Mat-124G-Repair-Manual yashica-mat-124g-repair-manual-799673 yashica pd Yashica was a Japanese manufacturer of cameras, originally active from 1949 until 2005 when its then-owner, Kyocera, ceased production.. In 2008, the Yashica name reappeared on cameras produced by the Hong Kong-based MF Jebsen Group. In 2015, trademark rights were transferred to Yashica International Company Limited and appointed 100 Enterprises International Group Co. Limited as Yashica.

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  1. The Yashica company made a long line of 66 TLR cameras, comprising many models which were the result of a gradual evolution rather than radical change; they are conveniently divided into knob advance models and crank advance models. 1 The Yashica-Mat 2 The Yashica-Mat LM 2.1 Features 3 The Yashica-Mat EM 3.1 Features 3.2 Images 4 The Yashica 12 and 24 5 The Yashica Mat-124 and Mat-124G 6 Links.
  2. navigation. , search. Original Yashica Mat, Lumaxar lenses. image by Jeff Rawdon ( Image rights) Yashica was a Japanese camera maker, founded in 1945 and absorbed into Kyocera in 1983. It notably manufactured 35mm SLR cameras under the Contax brand from 1974 onwards
  3. Yashica Mat 124. click for sample. Produced 1968-71 Yashica Co., Ltd. Japan. Film type 120 or 220. Picture size 6cm x 6cm. Weight 2lbs, 6.8oz (1,100g) Lens coated 4-element Yashinon 80mm f3.5-32. Filter size Bay I (Bayonet type I) 30mm
  4. The Camera. The Yashica Mat 124 is the penultimate in a long line of medium format Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) cameras produced by Yashica, and is clearly a copy of the esteemed Rolleiflex TLR. The last version, the 124G, was essentially the same as the 124 except that it had gold plated contacts in the meter, hence the G suffix
  5. The front of the Yashica MAT 124G contains both viewing and taking lenses. The shutter speed dial on right hand side, and aperture wheel on left. There is a threaded and lockable shutter button on bottom right side. There is a window on top of the viewing lens that shows selected aperture and shutter speed combination
  6. Alpha prefixed 7 digit serial numbers and also 7 digit Yashica Mat-124 and Yashica Mat-124G numbers (note, does not apply to 6 digit prefixed Yashica D Hong Kong production or the last 6 digit Yashica Mat-124G numbers both of which appear to be simply consecutive), appear to incorporate a date code which is a bit more obvious than the preceding.

Yashica MAT 124G medium-format 120 TLR This camera was in very poor condition and has been overhauled so it runs once more. Lens housing was skewed due to a fall at the old owner and this was largely repaired. Diaphragm and shutter speeds gear housing repaired and these too are fully functional again. The shutter, shutter speeds, diaphragm and self-timer work correctly. Cleaned shutter and. Note that on this photo, I have a Yashica UV filter bayonet fitted onto the taking lens. Ian 18:08, 4 May 2006 (EDT) I think it's incorrect to link Yashica-Mat in the Yashica page to a Yashica Mat-124G article. The Mat 124G and Mat are not one and the same camera. --driesvandenelzen 16:41, 20 November 2006 (EST) You are right Yashica was a Japanese camera maker, founded in 1945 and absorbed into Kyocera in 1983. It notably manufactured 35mm SLR cameras under the Contax brand from 1974 onwards. 1 Company history 1.1 Yashima period 1.2 Yashica from 1958 to 1973 1.3 Yashica and Contax lines 1.4 Into Kyocera 2 35mm film cameras 2.1 SLR 2.1.1 fixed lens 2.1.2 Yashica proprietary bayonet mount 2.1.3 M42 screw thread. With the Yashica Mat-124G, it was the equal longest production run. A Special Case - Yashica Mat-124G. I did say three. I don't consider the 124G to be a game changer, more a part of the end game. However, I do think it is iconic. It is the last of the line but it was in production for 16 years, almost half the life of Yashica TLR production The Yashica MAT 124 is a TLR produced by Yashica between 1968 and 1971, was one of the last TLR cameras made by the company. The latest model was the Yashica MAT 124G, the unique true difference is the presence of gold plated contacts. As with all TLR cameras, it has a superior lens (Yashinon 80 f/2.8) that send back the image to the frosted glass from which you control framing and focus, and.

Vintage Yashica MAT-124G Twin-Lens Reflex Film Camera, Made In Japan: Date: 9 August 2015, 04:20: Source: Vintage Yashica MAT-124G Twin-Lens Reflex Film Camera, Made In Japan: Author: Joe Haupt from US Myöhemmin Yashica alkoi valmistaa kameroiden komponentteja, ja kesäkuussa 1953 esiteltiin ensimmäinen varsinainen kamera, Yashimaflex. Se oli keskikoon filmille tarkoitettu, 6x6 cm kuvia ottava TLR- ( Twin Lens Reflex) eli ns. kaksisilmäinen peiliheijastuskamera. Linssit tähän ensimmäiseen ja moneen tulevaankin kameraan valmisti Tomioka. Yashica. K.K. Yashica (jap. 株式会社ヤシカ, kabushiki-gaisha Yashika; engl. Yashica Co., Ltd.) war ein japanischer Kamerahersteller mit Hauptsitz in Okaya in der Präfektur Nagano. Seit der Übernahme durch Kyocera im Jahr 1983 handelt es sich nur noch um einen Markennamen

This site is dedicated to understanding and preserving the details and development history of the company's TLR cameras from the first model Pigeonflex introduced in early 1953 through to the Yashica Mat-124G which ended manufacture in 1986: Both 6x6 cm 120 film and 4x4 cm 127 film format TLR cameras are covered This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.: You are free: to share - to copy, distribute and transmit the work; to remix - to adapt the work; Under the following conditions: attribution - You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that. The second camera is a late Yashica 635 with black plastic knob from the Yashica Mat-124G (the late Yashica D and Yashica-Mat are the same) and first appeared at about the time of the 124G release in September 1970. The last example is the Yashica Mat-124G with black lever also This beautiful Yashica Mat 124 G 6x6 medium format twin lens reflex camera has a Yashinon 80mm f/3.5 lens. It has been fully tested and all mechanical functions perform well. We have installed a FRESH 1.5v battery for the light meter. The meter functions but we cannot guarantee accuracy. A 1.3v Weincell battery should be used as this was the. There is a Yashica brochure which shows the Yashica Mat-124G and the last versions of the Yashica-Mat, Yashica D and Yashica 635 together. Apart from the 635 35 mm kit, the only accessories shown are one of the wide/tele lens kits and one of the close-up lens kits (all black). The leather cases for these accessory items are black. 1983-198

I am offering a nice medium-format Yashica Mat 124G TLR camera in good condition. The camera closes and the light meter works, as you can see in the pictures. Not tested with film. The lenses are free of fungus or haze. The viewfinder shows a nicely clear image. The focus is very linear and perfect as it should be. The shutter speeds and apertures work in all modes. The taking lens is a. Media in category Taken with Yashica Mat-124G The following 10 files are in this category, out of 10 total. Harajuku 1.jpg. New delhi railway station in tricolors.jpg. Preparing Some Fish For The Lunch And Feeding T (126618983). The Yashica-Mat takes 120 roll film and makes square 6×6 centimeter images (really more like 56 millimeters wide by 57 millimeters high). The focal length is fixed but the lenses have Bay 1 mounts to which filters, lens hoods, and close-up lenses can be fitted. This model cannot use 220 film, though the later Yashica-Mat 124G can The Yashica MAT 124G is a TLR camera produced by Yashica between 1968 and 1971, and was one of the last TLR cameras made by the company. As all TLR cameras, it has an upper lens (Yashinon 80 f/2.8) that send back the image to the frosted glass from which you control framing and focus, and a second lower lens (Yashinon 80 F/3.5). The taking lens is a good-quality clone from the Tessar scheme. Yashica made many different TLR cameras over the years, with the Yashica-mat being one of the more popular models, only surpassed in numbers by the Yashica Mat 124G. Info on models and production numbers can be found here. Shooting with the Yashica-Mat is fairly straight forward. The lever both winds the film on and cocks the shutter

La Yashica 124 G è una reflex biottica prodotta da Yashica tra il 1970 e il 1986. È stata l'ultima biottica prodotta dalla casa che vi ha riversato tutto il suo know how.. Come tutte le reflex biottiche è dotata di un obiettivo superiore che rimanda l'immagine al vetro smerigliato da cui si controllano inquadratura e messa a fuoco, e un obiettivo inferiore di ripresa (superiore (visione. Vintage Yashica MAT-124G Twin-Lens Reflex Film Camera, Made In Japan: Date: 9 August 2015, 16:50: Source: Vintage Yashica MAT-124G Twin-Lens Reflex Film Camera, Made In Japan: Author: Joe Haupt from US Yashica Mat-124 G (1979) La Mat-124 G es una cámara de origen japonés fabricada por Yashica entre 1970 y 1986. Se trata del último de los modelos TLR producidos p or la marca. Fue una cámara que gozo de gran aceptación , y pese a que se trataba de un modelo que a priori podía parecer obsoleto, su aparición enel mercado fue un. Yashica Yashica-Mat (1957) This is a Yashica-Mat twins lens reflex (TLR) camera made by Yashima Optical Company in 1957. Although not considered to be a direct copy, the Yashica-Mat took a lot of design and features from the German Rolleiflex TLR such as the auto-cocking shutter and folding advance lever. It uses 120 roll film and produces.

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Yashimaflex and Yashicaflex are medium format film TLR cameras made by Yashica and produced between 1953-59. They use 120 film for 6x6cm frames. 1 1 Models 1.1 Yashimaflex 1.2 Yashicaflex B (old model) 1.3 Yashicaflex S 1.4 Yashicaflex A-I 1.5 Yashicaflex A-II 1.6 Yashicaflex AS-I 1.7 Yashicaflex AS-II 1.8 Yashicaflex A-III 1.9 Yashicaflex C 1.10 Yashicaflex A2 and Yashicaflex A (new model) 1. A Great tutorial on how to clean the normal taking lens Yashica Mat 124 Cleaning (1 of 4): Taking Lens The next four posts will be on the cleaning I finished today on my Yashica Mat 124. This was not a full CLA (clean-lube-adjust) mostly because I'm not confident I'd be able to ge Three basic styles were used from Yashima Flex to Mat-124G. My Yashica LM is c1956, my Yashica Mat-LM is c1959 and my Yashica D is a latish c1965. The first logo was in place from the 1953 Yashima Flex through to the early Yashica-Mats and Yashica Ds and 635s of 1957

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  1. Hello Gang. I am soon to be in possession of a Yashica Mat 124g . I want to shoot in colour, but I am not sure which film to buy. Im a beginner, so will be having it processed in a lab - Im in London, is there a decent place to take my film to be developed? Many thanks - cant wait to get started. D
  2. : Yashica Mat-124G-Repair-Manual yashica-mat-124g-repair-manual-799673 yashica pd
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  5. Yashica là hãng sản xuất máy ảnh Nhật Bản, hoạt động từ năm 1949 tới năm 2005, khi mà hãng chủ quản của họ là Kyocera tuyên bố dừng các hoạt động sản xuất máy ảnh phim. Năm 2008, thương hiệu Yashica hồi sinh với các sản phẩm do cộng đồng MF Jebsen Group tiêu thụ.Năm 2015, thương hiệu này được chuyển giao cho.
  6. The Contax RTS and Yashica SLR Bayonet and Screw Mount Book. London: Focal Press. ISBN -240-50978-1. Heiberg, Milton (1979). The Yashica Guide, A Modern Camera Guide Series Book. New York: Amphoto. ISBN -8174-2151-3

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The Yashica Mat-124G is the culmination of the Yashica TLR line. It was introduced c1971 and continued to be produced until c1986. Features include shutter speeds from 1 to 1/500 sec. (plus B), a built-in self-timer, a crank film advance/shutter cock, and the ability to accept either 120 or 220 film. It also boasts the highly-regarded 80mm Yashinon taking lens (seen here with its accessory. This is a Yashica-D twin lens reflex camera made by Yashica Co., Ltd. between the years of 1958 - 1972. This particular model is a later variant, likely made in 1970 with the company's top of the line 4-element Yashinon lenses and f/2.8 viewing lens. The D represented Yashica's top of the line, knob wind, meterless TLR Overall, though, this is a good entry-level medium format setup. With a little research and patience, you can find an excellent Yashica Mat 124G for $150 to $300, a light meter for $50 or so (unless you want to go ahead a get a new one), and a used tripod for $50. Total investment, for me, is about $400 including the camera, light meter and tripod

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Compared to the Yashica Mat 124G (of which I've owned a few), even though it's essentially the same camera, it just feels much more solid and well thought out. Also, the lens is fixed and not interchangeable - to some this is a negative attribute, to me, this is more of a reason to buy one. Keep it simple If you look at prices achieved and asked on 'the bay' these days the world is out of whack. Yashica 124G sells for more than a Rolliecord (not Rolleiflex) Based on this reality I'd go for a Rolleicord, better glass all round. I own an Autocord III, Yashica mat 124G, and a Rolleiflex. I like them all but if price is a factor I'd take the Rolliecord Yashica was a Japanese manufacturer of cameras, originally active from 1949 until 2005 when its then-owner, Kyocera, ceased production. WikiMili. Yashica Last updated September 13, 2020. Yashica Electro 35 GSN. Yashica was a Japanese. About Yashica. Yashica is a Japanese camera brand beloved by photography bugs and collectors. Its history is tightly linked to the history of the Japanese camera. Two models in particular are legendary in their respective classes and are still prized today: the Yashica Mat 124G Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) and the compact 35mm Yashica/Kyocera T4 YASHICA MAT-124G GEBRAUCHSANWEISUNGYASHICA MAT-124G FOLLETO DE INSTRUCCIONES YASHICA MAT-124G MODE D'EMPLOI Click here to PDF manual created from this HTML file - Better Printing - Click for close up lens information FEATURES Type: Twin-lens reflex camera accepting either 120 (12 exposures) or 220 (24 exposures) film. Lens: YASHINON 80 mat F3,5.

The Yashica Mat-124G is the culmination of the Yashica TLR line. It was introduced c1971 and continued to be produced until c1986. Features include shutter speeds from 1 to 1/500 sec. (plus B), a built-in self-timer, a crank film advance/shutter cock, and the ability to accept either 120 or 220 film Announcement: Check out the /r/Analog Instagram!-=- Check out the Best of the Year 2018 winners! Welcome! A subreddit for lovers of analog photography. Share your film photographs and discuss anything analog! Rules - View in more detail 1) Include the film stock and camera used in your post title A nice way to use your 52mm filters on your Yashica Mat 124G or similar bayonet style lens. I have the Yashica D and a Yashica Mat 124G and the adapter fits on nicely and snaps into place on both cameras. Looks to be of good quality. I was also a bit worried that the adapter at 52 mm would obstruct the viewing lens a bit but it doesn't Leica M6 | Yashica T4 | @coreytenold. Just south of Island Park Idaho off Hwy 20. Edit: Ironically enough it seems the area is called Last Chance. This is just perfect. Love the abandoned look combined with the muted colors. love that my mind was convinced this was a desert

Kodak Verichrome Safety Film was produced between 1931-1956 when it was replaced by Verichrome Pan. It's a orthochromatic black and white negative film. This rather rare unopened Duo-Pak expired in January 1957 which means it was probably made around two years prior. Verichrome was made in 116, 120, 616, and 620 formats. Thanks for stoppin Yashica Mat 124G. Kodak Ektar 100. Developed & scanned by NCPS . On my way to Zion National Park was for me breathtaking as well as inside the park, immense mountains of beautiful reddish rock formation vast green landscape blue semi cloudy skies, it was just amazing. I pulled over on my way and waited patiently for traffic to cleared and shot. Bay 1 to 46mm Adapter Ring for Rollei, Rolleiflex, Rolleicord, Yashica, Yashica MAT 124G 1 offer from $24.95. Lens Hood Shade for Yashica/Rollei TLR Camera 4.2 out of 5 stars 35. 1 offer from $30.00. Fujifilm 16326119 Fujicolor Pro 120, 400H Color Negative Film ISO 400 - 5 Roll Pro Pack (Green/White/Purple) 4.8 out. This item Bayonet 1 (Bay1/B-30) Mount Lens Hood for Rolleicord, Rolleiflex, Yashica EM, Mat, Mat-124, Mat-124G TLR Fotodiox Pro Replacement Lens Hood for Original Rollei Camera with 75mm F3.8 Take Lens, Twin Lens Rollei (TLR) Bay-I, Bay 1, B1,Original Rolleiflex Camera with Carl Zeiss JENA Tessar f/3.8 Len Flooded Volvo, Duluth, Minnesota, June 2012. From the series Watershed. Infield Bar, Superior, Wisconsin, November 2017. From the series Vintage Beer Signs of the Midwest. The Sacred Heart of Bratwurst, May 2013. From the series The Duluth Music Scene. Weathered American Flag, Wisconsin, November 2013

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Mar 2, 2009. Shooter: Multi Format. There are four small screws around the viewfinder hood. Unscrew those and carefully lift up the hood and the screen in one piece. Now you can blow all the dust away on the mirror and the bottom of the screen. Don't be afraid of the mirror, you can get a replacement for a small amount of money if you manage to. Shot with a Yashica Mat-124G TLR on Kodak e200 film (expired). The Enneüs Heerma Bridge (Dutch: Enneüs Heermabrug) is a bridge in the Netherlands which connects the new urban district of IJburg, built on seven artificial islands in IJ Lake, with the isle of Zeeburg, a borough on the eastern edge of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands Flickr photos, groups, and tags related to the jonseredsfabriker Flickr tag

Find fresh ads in Cameras For Sale in Phoenix, AZ. New listings: Dvd's And CD's. Some New Others Seldom Used If At All. - $3 (Glendale), Nikon N-65 35mm AF Film Camera Body Great Condition - $35 (South Mountain Chasing a Classic from Yashica - Yashica Flex AS-II. April 25, 2021. April 25, 2021 Chris and Carol. Leave a comment. I first spotted this lovely camera on Etsy way back in November 2020. At that time the seller was in a bit of a funk and we couldn't put a deal together. Now after four short months of watching it sit I made an offer and. Yashica T4 Super D 35mm Point & Shoot Film Camera - MINT. 5 out of 5 stars. (17) 17 product ratings - Yashica T4 Super D 35mm Point & Shoot Film Camera - MINT. $650.00. $8.45 shipping. or Best Offer Yashica Mat 124G: G stood for gold plating on meter switch contacts to give better reliability . 80mm f/3.5 lens with Copal shutter to 1/500th sec and minimum aperture of f/32; match needle metering; pressure plate for 120/220 film slides between settings (pulls out and rotates on the Mat 124

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1) The design of the film winding crank is just beautiful and unique. Much nice looking than a Rollei TLRs and my Yashica 124G in my opinion; 2) The loading and the movement of the film from the top to the bottom. 3) Multiple exposure. I can do this with my Yashica 635 but the 124G About the same as a Yashica Mat 124G at the local pawn shop. Also, this was an F. The only important thing I would look for is the 80mm lens being a multicoated model. (Mamiya-Sekor 80mm f/2.8 Blue Dot lens) Other than that, just some minor differences in how much plastic was used between the F vs S models. (the newer 330S uses more. The Yashica FX-D (All pics: Finlay Dalziel) By Finlay Dalziel. The massively under-rated Yashica FX-D could be one of the best beginner film SLRs you could choose from.. Yashica is a relatively ignored camera company in comparison to its other Japanese comrades, but over time produced some amazing pieces of engineering, from the Yashica Mat 124G TLR to the Electro 35 family of rangefinders. Yashica Mat-124G (circa 1971-1986) Twin lens reflex camera made in Japan. Uses 120 or 220 roll film producing 6cm x 6cm (2.25 x 2.25) negatives (actual size 5.5cm x 5.5cm). The taking lens is a Yashinon 80mm f3.5. The viewing lens is a Yashinon 80mm f2.8. Yashinon lenses are quality 4 element lenses

Yashica-D TLR; Yashica-C TLR; Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera Sonar Autofocus; Debonair (1:8/60mm) Mamiya C220; Olympus Trip AF 50/51. Hi yes looks like it. You gave me a panic as the page I was in process of typing up on AF51 suddenly was replaced with a redirect I'm interested in buying a TLR but have no idea what I'm looking for. None of the resources shown above (on the posting page) are still active nor is.. If you search eBay for Yashica TLRs, the Yashica-Mat 124G is the most popular. It has modern features like a battery powered CdS light meter, a flash hotshoe, and all of the internal electrical contacts are gold plated. This makes it much more expensive however. If you manage to find a Yashicamat in nice condition, I would take the Yashicamat.

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132 preciousandfregilethings Tradição & modernidade by Andrés Medina on Flickr. casa da música, porto, portugal #medium format #6x6 #120 #film #analog #Kodak Ektar 100 #ektar100 #TLR #yashica #andresmedina #Casa da Musica #architecture #modern #arquitectura #moderna #contemporary #arte moderno #interior #tradition #tradição #modernidade #azulejos #azul #blue #mampara #reflections #art #. From Camera-wiki.org. Jump to: navigation, search. I'm George Parkins, bartender, amateur writer and vine-dresser. In the last year and a half I've gotten into film photography, especially medium-format. I very. If you scroll down the Alamy home page, the 'Browse images by category' section includes an option for background images, which suggests that they do sell Yashica Mat 124G. Yashica Mat 124G. Yashica eBay.com. SHOP NOW. Compared to other twin-lens cameras like the Rolleiflex, the Yashica Mat 124G is a steal. It's a great beginner medium format camera that's available in two lens formats, a 75mm and an 80mm. The 75mm 3.5 Lumaxar taking lens is said to have been made in West Germany, and is of. Yashica MAT-124G from Wikimedia Commons Rolleiflex 2.8F. The Rolleiflex 2.8F remains a classic (the 2.8FX-N is one of the newest reincarnations of the 2.8F series). It is one of the most popular TLR cameras owing to Carl Zeiss' 80 mm f/2.8 Planar lens and with a shutter speed ranging 1/s to 1/500s — plenty of room for versatility. This particular TLR only uses 120 film for 12 exposures 6×.

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Yashica Mat 124G Medium Format Film Camera with 80mm Lens Excellent from Japan It's overall in excellent condition. Please refer to the pictures for details. It comes with a front lens cap. Appearance: Excellent condition, with light signs of use only. Light seals are renewed. Functions: Works properly, without any problems. Meter works I love the compact feel of this camera, much less bulky than my Yashica MAT 124G. One other odd detail about this camera is that it seems that the red windows are at the top, while modern film seems to mark the 6×4.5 frames on the bottom edge! Basically, I can't see the Start or Frame numbers in the windows Out of the cameras that I have had Yashica Mat 124G and Yashica Electro 35 GL had such aperture. There are lots of cameras with lenses of this type, which is neither good nor bad. Even Carl Zeiss lenses for Hasselblad and Rolleiflex cameras have a five-blade aperture. But in most cases it will make no real difference If you're unsure of your lasting interest, get a TLR like the Yashica Mat 124G—they're relatively cheap and still produce pretty good results. — Jeff Masamori. 2. Buy a scanner, it will end up paying for itself after 10 or 15 rolls. — Bryson Malone. 3. Don't be afraid of trial and error: It's the only way to really learn anything. Yashica Mat 124G - Everyone's Camera. By TLRgraphy on November 24, 2012 | Leave a comment . NEW Got it On Bricks by NEW Scan-121101-0008a by ktos.2. NEW Famille-Yashica-HD-1 by.

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;-) The Yashica Mat-124G was handed to me in photography class when I was a foreign exchange student in Colorado in the early 1980s. I used to take dozens of rolls of film for the yearbook and newspaper. I instantly fell in love with the viewfinder and medium format film, a love that continues to this day It is in excellent condition but see photos for details. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or ta Yashica Mat 124G Repair Manual - usermanual.wiki Date: 2019-2-21 | Size: 26.9Mb : Yashica Mat-124G-Repair-Manual yashica-mat-124g-repair-manual-799673 yashica pdf MAT 124G - Repair Manual Yas_Mat_124G_rm_eng Free User Guide for Yashica Camera, Manual 2015-08-20.

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A few years later I acquired a Yashica Mat 124G to which I have added a CLA from Mark Hama more recently. It has become my goto film camera for travel when I don't need all the bells and whistles of interchangeable backs and lenses, etc. A TLR is also great for infrared photography, as the viewfinder function is fully available with a nearly.

[B][USA-CT] Yashica Mat 124G, Canonet QL17 GIII, Kodak Retina IIIc by [deleted] in photomarket [-] hrdygrdyman8 0 points 1 point 2 points 3 days ago (0 children) If you're still looking, I have a Yashica Mat 124g with a Rick Oleson split screen installed Hansa Self-Timer from the 1950s and its relationship with Canon. April 30, 2021April 30, 2021 Chris and Carol. Before built-in self-timers were available on cameras there had to be a way to remotely trigger the shutter so that the photographer could get into the picture or to prevent camera shake when shooting at slow shutter speeds Located in what is known as Old Town (Fernandina Beach) overlooking the Amelia River on the northwest side of Amelia Island. Originally built around 1870 for a harbor pilot Captain Bell and the second owner was also a river captain in 1901. Located on a high bluff at 212 Estrada Street, it overlooks the forme Hassy 500cm 2000fcm / Fuji GW690iii GF670 / Rollei 35s / Nikon F[2,3,4,6] / Mamiya c220 / Konica III / Yashica MAT 124g / Rolleiflex 3.5F K4F May 6, 2021 #79 narsuitus Membe Well, until I add a huge magnetic optical viewfinder on the rear screen : that reminds me of what I saw with my old Yashica Mat 124G's ground glass (that I still miss). DA 15mm is a gem for IR on APS-C: perfect in visible light, only a few drawbacks in IR when the sun is in the picture, but really good from my point of view

For those who might be interested in using CHDK [1] with your Canon for measuring light values, here is a typical calibration graph. For example if the value of B from the camera is 27 cd/m 2 then the corresponding value is 100 lux.. Note that the graph is linear and the slope is 3.69 in this particular case Best cameras and lenses 2019 All forums Sony Alpha / NEX E-mount (APS-C) Talk Change forum. Yashica TL Hassy 500cm 2000fcm / Fuji GW690iii GF670 / Rollei 35s / Nikon F[2,3,4,6] / Mamiya c220 / Konica III / Yashica MAT 124g / Rolleiflex 3.5F K4F Jan 14, 2020 #7 Daniel Fort Membe Weekly 'Ask Anything About Analog Photography' - Week 22. Community. Use this thread to ask any and all questions about analog cameras, film, darkroom, processing, printing, technique and anything else film photography related that you don't think deserve a post of their own. This is your chance to ask a question you were afraid to ask before

Yashica ROOKIE Medium Format Film Camera with 80/3.5 Lens Serviced Excellent F/S | Cameras, Film Photography, Film Cameras | eBay ★ Tri-Lausar - yashica lenses. Search: Add your article Home Brands by country Japanese brands Yashica Yashica lenses Tri-Lausar ★ Tri-Lausar. 6x6 cm medium format film. While the Yashimaflex used lenses labeled Tri - Lausar successive models used Yashikor and Yashinon lenses. All of these lenses ; Share:. Yashica Electro 35. Jetzt neu oder gebraucht kaufen The Electro 35 is a rangefinder camera made by Japanese company Yashica from the mid-1960s with a coupled and fixed 1:1.7 45 mm lens. It was the first electronically controlled camera, operating mainly in an aperture priority 'auto' mode In 1966 Yashica introduced the Electro 35, the first of a very successful line of 35mm rangefinder cameras.

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16. 17. 18. Weekly 'Ask Anything About Analog Photography' - Week 05 Community ( self.analog) submitted 1 year ago by ranalog [ M] Use this thread to ask any and all questions about analog cameras, film, darkroom, processing, printing, technique and anything else film photography related that you don't think deserve a post of their own Model: Marketed: Mega pixels: Photos: Users: Film Cameras: Yashica Mat 124G: 1971: 589: 5 . Kyocera P-mini - Camera-wiki . i (Kyocera P-I also have two of the smaller and lighter Pentax MZ-7 with 28-80 & 35-80 lenses but not a patch on the Yashica 230AF Hi Folks: According to Wikipedia, it was 120 years ago (1892) that George Eastman first began supplying Thomas Edison and William Dickson with 35mm film for their movie projectors. Film was around before that, of course, but in a variety of sizes and feeding systems; 35mm film became a standard in 1909, and in 1934 the 35mm film cassette for still photography was introduced

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A Yashica Mat-124G TLR Camera, black, serial no. 118269, with Yashinon f/3.5 80mm lens, in Copal-SV shutter, body, VG-E, shutter working, lens, G, two small fungal patches to middle group, with cap, in maker's cas Edixa Montanus Rocca Super Reflex TLR Camera Cassar Lens for PARTS OR REPAIR V77. £298.23. Free P&P. Shutter tested and fires at. 2) Yashica FX7 35mm 3) Yashica FR1 circa 1978 4) Pentax MX 5) Yahica FX-D Quartz 6) Yashica FX-3 Super Whatever you know about these cameras can be helpful for me. I'm planning on getting one. I love manual cameras. I have use Yashica mat 124G at present and want to try out some 35mm for a change. Thank you very much for your help Yashica. Saved by Digi-Scapes Fine Art Photography. 220. Twin Lens Reflex Camera Camera Nikon Camera Gear Antique Cameras Old Cameras Vintage Cameras Photography Camera Vintage Photography Ansel Adams

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