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The Bat Armor was an experimental exosuit built by Bruce Wayne to compensate for his physical limitations as he got older, beyond what the last Batsuit could do.. History. After finally convincing Bruce to show him around the Batcave, Terry McGinnis asked him about the armor. Bruce explained that it amplifies effort and increases endurance. It was intended as a final effort to make up for his. Batman managed to defeat the villain and the suits were impounded at Warehouse X. They were later stolen by Babyface and his gang in a campaign to take over the local syndicate. Batman later added an option to his Batmobile that could transform it into an exo-suit. An interesting addition to the suit's capabilities is a system capable of. The Thrasher is an exo-suit designed by Batman to withstand extreme conditions and climates. The suit is made of meta-aramid mesh fibers, a material which makes the suit toucher than kevlar. The suit can withstand intense heat and intense cold while containing weeks worth of oxygen. During the.. To battle the villain Firefly, Batman donned a heavy suit that was very resistant to heat and fire. Bat Armor. A powered exosuit developed by Bruce Wayne during his later years as Batman. The suit gave its wearer excellent protection from attacks and was able to shrink so as to be concealed beneath clothing

The exosuit is one of Batman's most famous, and also made an appearance in 2016's Batman v Superman movie in the climactic battle. 11 PREDATOR SUIT. In 1991, Batman faced the alien Predator in Batman Versus Predator, written by Dave Gibbons and drawn by Andy Kubert. In book one, Batman was investigating the grisly murder of a boxer who had. In a future where most of Batman's crimefighting is done through an army of robotic drones, this Exosuit allowed an elder Bruce, crippled by years of injuries sustained as Batman, to. The Standard Batsuit. The Batsuit Bruce Wayne normally wears when on patrol in Gotham City, is a grey technical carbon fiber tri-weave around his torso and legs, with a black cowl and a large cape.. His hands are protected by armored gloves and he has gauntlets on his wrists with three razor sharp blades. The gauntlets are durable enough to easily deflect knives and gunfire and even capable of.

Batsuit (or Bat-Suit) is the costume of the fictional superhero Batman, who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics. The suit has been depicted in various ways, and the stories themselves have described Batman as modifying the details of his costume from time to time. However, it usually consists of a grey body suit, the chest. Damian Wayne is a fictional superhero appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, created by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert, commonly in association with Batman.He is the genetically engineered son of Batman and Talia al Ghul, and thus the grandson of Batman villain Ra's al Ghul, the great-grandson of Talia's paternal grandfather Sensei, and the potential inheritor of Wayne Enterprises as.

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With the TOP 5 Coolest BATMAN EXO-SUITS out of the way, let's take a look at some honorable mentions that didn't quite cut the mustard. TOP 5 BATMAN EXO-SUIT RUNNERS UP #5. STORYLINE: Batman Beyond. SUIT ABILITIES: Clunky chunky Bat-armor to keep an aging Bruce Wayne moving that proves to be too stressful on his heart From Batman Beyond, Disappearing Inque. What really makes this scene for me is the fact that Bruce knew the exosuit would endanger his life, but he didn't.

ALL Batman SUITS & COSTUMES + All DLC SuitsIn this video, I collected all the costumes of a Batman throughout the game and movie Batman. I want to show you a.. Highly posable, and heavily armored and weapon-quipped Batman exo-suit. I wanted to create an exo-suit that looked very bat- and ninja-like. I tried to incorporate as many weapon options as possible to make the exo-suit very over-powered, just like all of Batman's weapons and vehicles. I used my Ares Frame Mk II for this build Batman And Robin (1997) Suit 2. The second suit George Clooney wears in Batman and Robin is a notable upgrade from the first, mainly because it lacks Bat nipples. Any cool points gained for that.

For other uses of Batman, see Batman (disambiguation). You start with a code. You hang onto it with every self-righteous breath. But then you take one life. Then another, then another, then another. —Bruce Wayne to Kate Kane[src] Bruce Wayne (died December 2019) was the cousin of the late Kate Kane and Beth Kane who spent his lifetime protecting Gotham City as the vigilante Batman. Batman Exosuit. By. OniChild. Watch. 334 Favourites. 10 Comments. 9K Views. armor batman batmanbeyond beyond dccomics fanart suit. The Batman Exosuit from Batman Beyond (that Bruce uses against Inque) Collab artwork with AQB - Pencils + Copic shading & Redesign by me Inks by AQB. Image details. Image size Disappearing Inque is the eleventh episode of Batman Beyond. It depicts the return of Inque. After being turned down for a raise, Aaron Herbst becomes disgruntled and releases Inque from her icy prison. Having had to listen to him for months, Inque decides that he'll make a suitable partner..

Help Batman defend the Gotham City Energy Facility from Mr. Freeze's Exosuit assault and save the security guard from the ice prison in The LEGO Batman Movie: Mr. Freeze Ice Attack set. The set features Mr. Freeze's posable Exosuit with room for a minifigure and a stud-shooting freeze gun, plus a detailed power plant build and an opening. Since my last topic got locked, decided to make this one before I went to bad just for fun. This isn't a mismatch since Peter is under Cap. They sta Using an exosuit that Karon had created to fix his condition, Mario became known as Rumor. He began capturing Gotham's criminals, planning to use Karon's vibration device to kill all of them at once. Batman and Robin, with the help of Paul Karon, managed to find Rumor's hideout and defeat him, though they also end up accidentally releasing the.

I like the idea of having superhero skins for the characters and I thought Trevor was perfect for batman! I know what you're thinking, wtf is his ears? I worked with what I have now and this is what I came up with, I'll try my best not to make him look so retarded in the mean time! { Feel free to post a video HERE! } { If you do use this, all I ask it to credit me. Thank you } -HOW TO INSTALL. Batman is the first Death Battle combatant to return three times. Dark Claw is a Batman- Wolverine fusion. Behind T'Challa at $90.7 trillion and Tony Stark at $12.4 billion, Bruce Wayne has the third-highest net worth of any superhero with $9.2 billion. The Red Death represents Batman's fear of losing members of the Bat-Family, his love for. A.T.O.M. Exosuit running facial recognition software on the Arrow, confirming Oliver Queen as the result. After Ra's al Ghul had the League of Assassins begin impersonating The Arrow, Ray made it his mission to bring him to justice.He used the suit at the scene of a crime that the Arrow had seemingly committed, with eight dead bodies surrounding him Batman Beyond is available to watch and stream on HBO Max. With the 20th anniversary of the sequel to Batman: The Animated Series around the corner, we run down the top 10 best Batman Beyond. A decade and a half after his debut in 2006's Batman #655 by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert, it's hard to imagine the Bat-Family without Damian Wayne, the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul and current Robin.Genetically enhanced by his mother and the League of Assassins and trained to become a hardened killer and one of the most formidable martial artists in the DC Universe, Damian is known.

Batman Beyond (Batman of the Future in Europe, Japan, South America, New Zealand and Australia) is an animated Action Series that aired from 1999 to 2001. It was produced by the same powerhouse team that helmed both Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series.. 40-50-something years in the future of the DC Animated Universe, Batman no longer patrols Gotham City, having hung. During Batman's apocalyptic dream, he is double-crossed while receiving the box of Kryptonite. You can see the Superman symbol on the patches of their uniforms. Then the parademons arrive, which is a precursor to Justice League (2017) in which Steppenwolf returns to Earth. 9 of 10 found this interesting

Wiz: Batman and Nightwing, the guardians of Gotham City and Bludhaven. Boomstick: Pyrrha Nikos and Jaune Arc, the brave members of Team JNPR. Wiz: For this battle, we will not include the bat mobile or Batman's exosuit. Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick Batman Exo-Suit. By. Mace-X. Watch. 7 Favourites. 2 Comments. 1K Views. al arkham arrow bane batgirl batman beyond blight bruce catwoman clayface croc curare damian dc dent dick doomsday drake flash freeze ghul gordon gotham grayson green harley harvey huntress hush injustice ivy jason joker jokerz justice killer kyle lantern league manhunter. THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS #4 (1986) One of the coolest parts of The Dark Knight Returns was Batman's exosuit, which he dons to beat down Superman in issue #4 of Frank Miller's 1986 series. Complete with spiked boots, mechanized arms and legs, and heavy metal armor, the exo-suit inspired a generation of creators This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the Arrowverse and is an adaptation of Bruce Wayne/Batman. The original character was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane and first appeared in Detective Comics #27. Bruce Wayne was portrayed by Kevin Conroy. Trivia. The exosuit Bruce uses is based off the same one in Kingdom Come. Batman's suit is fitted with cutting-edge features that helps the caped crusader fight crime. And now a group of California-based researchers have developed an 'exosuit' that gives soldiers and.

Cage, Hawley and Cruise all collaborated as the ExoSuit went from a prototype to the real thing. Cruise had told Hawley he wanted the armor to evoke an image from war photography, something that resonated a bleakness, a toughness, and something that also spoke to the humanity of the individuals risking their lives to don it for battle Buy Iron Man suit armor, Halo Master Chief armor costume, Batman suit armor, Star Wars armor for sale! Ultra-realistic wearable Everybody loves Batman. After 75 years of saving Gotham City, the Caped Crusader has become an archetype. So it's not surprising that every comic needs its own version of Bats. And yet, Batman. Michael Keaton will wear Batman's suit for his return to the iconic superhero role in the upcoming Ezra Miller film, The Flash. Earlier this week the movie world was rocked by the news that.

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Motors & Control. James Bruton | December 14, 2017. This page is about adding motors, gearboxes, and controlling the ExoSuit. There are some videos about this series, or scroll down for pictures and words. Check out the

The Batman Exosuit from Batman Beyond episode: Disappearing Inqu During the story, Mr. Freeze's ice and exo-suit prove too powerful for Batman, so he dons the Extreme Environment Batsuit, aka the XE Batsuit. This suit is a powerhouse both in terms of strength and design. The orange glow gives it extra flavor, the mechanized armor makes it look imposing, and the new cowl with a mouth plate is like a cherry on. Ibn is a fully grown adult while Bruce is now an elderly man relying on an exosuit in order to move around after enduring decades of injuries defending Gotham City as Batman. At the beginning of the story, it appears the father-son relationship between Bruce and Ibn is strained, with Ibn serving as a prominent member of Lex Luthor's Mankind. Inque is a recurring antagonist in Batman Beyond. She is a shape-shifting saboteur, mercenary and assassin. She was voiced by Shannon Kenny. 1 Biography 1.1 Past 1.2 Blackout 1.3 Disappearing Inque 1.4 Inqueling 1.5 The Call, Part 1 1.6 Epilogue 1.7 Futures End 2 Gallery 2.1 Images 2.2 Videos 3.. Fortunately, Batman makes a special exosuit to free the others and foil Joker. In one last attempt to kill the Dark Knight, Joker tries to electrocute his nemesis with his Joy-Buzzer, but Batman anticipated this and counterattacks by shocking Joker himself. He also appears in both the opening and the main plot of the episode Triumvirate of.

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Customize your avatar with the Batman (Beyond Exo suit) T and millions of other items. Mix & match this shirt with other items to create an avatar that is unique to you Batman vs. Predator is the crossover comic exception to the rule, a great Batman comic and a great Predator story. But thanks to Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox, this DC Comics/Dark. Batman Sinestro Corps by angst178. Batman Black Lantern by angst178. Bruce as Batman Beyond by GeekVariety. Bruce Wayne Exosuit by lanternslight. Bruce Wayne Exosuit by lanternslight. Batman Duel in the Desert by lanternslight. Batman Duel in the Desert by lanternslight. Batman Hardac by angst178 May 22, 2016 - Batman - Hellbat suit Batman - Hellbat sui

Season 1. 1x01/02 — Rebirth, Parts & 2. Bruce Wayne's last fight as Batman. He struggles to keep up with the goons, then gets a heart attack at the worst possible time and is forced to pick up a gun just to defend himself and the kidnapped daughter of Veronica Vreeland, one of his few remaining friends from BTAS Banshee grabbed exosuit tightly and quickly slided right under Batman's legs, throwing him over herself to the ground. When Banshee was released from this sudden counter, she flew several meters up and used her scream to pin down Batman, focusing her scream to be more precise and dangerous, aiming for the head

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We've known for awhile that Lex Luthor will be the main villain in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. but the film will also have a major role for one of DC's top-killing machines: Doomsday Batman. Batman (Bruce Wayne) will be the main protagonist for the 4th installment in the Batman: Arkham franchise. He was confirmed to appear in the debut trailer released by GameInformer. Some.

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  1. ifigure and a stud-shooting freeze gun, plus a detailed power plant build and an opening ice prison. This set includes three
  2. i-figure and a stud-shooting freeze gun, plus a detailed power plant build and an.
  3. View, comment, download and edit exosuit Minecraft skins
  4. ifigure and a stud-shooting freeze gun, plus a detailed power plant build and an.
  5. DC Collectibles GCPD Batman Rookie Figure 9 Greg Capullo Bat Mech Exo Suit. $37.79. $41.99 previous price $41.99 10% off 10% off previous price $41.99 10% off. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. 6 watchers 6 watchers 6 watchers. DC Collectibles Designer Series Batman Thrasher Armor Greg Capullo Action Figure
  6. Batman Beyone OnePlus 6 Case Prototype . by Aku_X Jun 15, 2019 . 1 2 0. Batman Beyond . by 3000Altech May 27, 2019 . 26 34 0. Batman Beyond stencil . by Longquang Feb 18, 2019 . 17 16 0. Batman Beyond (MicroPlaKit Series) by purakito Jan 17, 2019 . 336 308 0. Batman Beyond (Animated Series).

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Overview: In Batman: The Adventures Continue, Batman, Robin, and Batgirl encounter a whole host of rogues, both old and new, in new adventures that continued where the animated series left off. Editor's Note: This collected edition includes all eight issues of the maxiseries Batman: The Adventures Continue Season One which originally released as digital chapters beginning in April 2020 and. It comes with three minifigs (Batman, Mr. Freeze, and a Security Guard), Mr. Freeze's Exosuit, a power plant console, and a minifig-sized chunk of ice. Interestingly,. Help Batman defend the Gotham City Energy Facility from Mr. Freezes Exosuit assault and save the security guard from the ice prison in THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE: Mr. Freeze Ice Attack set. The set features Mr. Freezes posable Exosuit with room for a minifigure and a stud-shooting freeze gun, plus a detailed power plant build and an opening ice prison Batman: Arkham Rebels is a direct-to-video animated superhero film which is part of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies. It serves as a sequel to the 2016 film Batman: Bad Blood and the 2018 film Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay. 1 Premise 2 Plot 3 Cast and Characters 4 Continuity to other DC Animated Films 4.1 Teen Titans: The Judas Contract 4.2 Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay When the mysterious. Alien-Inspired LEGO Exosuit. Another new project approved at LEGO Ideas is a science fiction inspired build — the LEGO exosuit. The LEGO build project was first submitted a few years ago by.

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  1. Jan 21, 2019 - This exosuite i designed for Nvidia RTX demo - project SOL. Wanna say thanks to the engineers for the invention of this technology and to be able to participate in such an important project for the whole industry of computer graphics. And also big thank
  2. The Exosuit Statue is fully featured for serious battle in alien worlds. Created by the artists and craftsmen who worked on the District 9 movie! Note the mounted Arc Generator and Assault Rifle. This is a tank with arms and legs - mess with it at your peril
  3. DANNY TYREE: Is an exosuit in your future? Danny welcomes email responses at tyreetyrades@aol.com and visits to his Facebook fan page Tyree's Tyrades.
  4. 2005 mattle DC batman begins Exo Suit Batman figure sealed and complete . at our Jenks location. Additional information. Weight: 1.4 lbs: Reviews. There are no reviews yet. Be the first to review Exo Suit Batman 2005 mattle DC figure Cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a review
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  6. The Mech Batsuit is a powered exoskeleton and a technologically advanced, heavily armored version of the Standard Batsuit used by Bruce Wayne during his activities as the vigilante Batman. He wore it during his confrontation with the alien hero Superman. 1 History 2 Specifications 3 Appearances 4 Trivia 5 See Also Currently Unknown, The Mech Batsuit has appeared only in The Dark Knight.
  7. ute movie, a movie I would wholeheartedly recommend, but that movie is smothered in pointless motorbike.

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Whether it is Spiderman, Superman, Iron Man, The Hulk or Batman, there are always people who take a liking to one character or another. In a recent collaboration between companies, a Batman suit. I really like the arkham knight batsuit. V 8.03 If I recall correctly. I know some dont like how it deviates from classic spandex batman, but like the fact that it takes a realistic armor approach to the batsuit which i think is awesome. I mean. Batman and Superman both have mothers named Martha. The only people who know that Bruce is Batman are the members of the Justice League, Robin, Lex Luthor, Amanda Waller, Lois Lane and Alfred Pennyworth. Bruce is right-handed. This version of Batman has an onscreen kill count of 21 people Batman's battle with the Man in Black, a high-tech criminal, is told in reverse chronological order with three very different interpretations of Batman's form and abilities (in the style of the 1950 film Rashomon): one describes him as a living shadow that can melt away and reappear at will (similar to Vampire Batman from Batman & Dracula.

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Batman has blunted affect from PTSD numbing and depression, from his family's murder, and may be mellowed from years of martial arts training, so he seems cold and calculating. However, he's not a Vulcan. Bruce Wayne became Batman out of anger,.. Batman is widely known for his great rogues gallery. He has some of the most colorful villains in comics. Batman is also known for being prepared and having a contingency plan for anything Director Zack Snyder has stated in interviews that much of the fight - including Batman's armored exosuit - are heavily influenced from the final event of The Dark Knight Returns, a graphic novel from Frank Miller. In that fight, however, Superman. was ordered by The President of the United States to retire Batman using any methods necessary Mario is the anti-heroic antagonist of the episode, Rumors. He was formerly Paul Karon's bodyguard, but after failing to protect him, he became the vigilante Rumor. 1 History 2 Powers and Abilities 3 Prisoners 4 Appearances 4.1 Season 4 5 Trivia When Paul Karon was introducing his latest invention, a device that shot low sound vibrations that could destroy buildings, he was attacked by Joker. Batman arrived in an exo-suit and saved the day. Joker attempted to shock Batman with his joy buzzer but was instead shocked into submission. A short time later, the Joker rigged Batman and Vicki Vale to a giant exploding pie death trap. Batman summoned the Whirly-Bat and defeated the Joker

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1 History 1.1 Origin 1.2 Last Family of Krypton 2 Notes 3 Trivia 4 Links JorCorp Exo-Suits were advanced flight capable suits of armor that were constructed by using Kryptonian Technology. It was developed by the scientists of JorCorp after the company was established on Earth by Jor-El of the House of El. These Exo-Suits were designed as one of the many technological gifts that Jor-El wanted. Humanity Has Officially Entered the Era of the Exosuit. I loved the Thundercats cartoon as a child, watching cat-like humanoids fighting the forces of evil. Whenever their leader was in trouble.

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  1. #7 - Kingdom Come In Alex's Ross iconic art, Batman looks more menacing in his advanced age than ever before. No longer Bruce Wayne but now entirely The Batman, this costume is a full exo-suit.
  2. 9.) Batman Beyond suit Created by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Alan Burnett in 1999 for the (ahead-of-its-time) Batman Beyond animated series, the Dark Knight went full tech with a costume that.
  3. I've been watching some old shows online/on Netflix - including Batman Beyond, and I got inspired to create a special Tech Hero with hints of Batman, but the main theme of the character is a Power Armor wearer (with at least three builds - One with a Brawling/Super-Strength armor, one with a Hand-Blasters/balanced armor, and an unarmored mode.
  4. Brute was an enemy-type that was faced in Batman: Arkham Knight, and replaced Armored Henchmen and Enforcers.Most were aligned to the Arkham Knight's Militia, but some could be hugely generic thugs (only Harley and Penguin had brutes in the main story).. These enemies appeared bigger than normal enemies. One Brute defeated was worth 250 XP. Like Armored Henchmen, Brutes needed to be taken down.
  5. The answer came from Geri Powers, a billionaire mogul who absorbed Wayne's operations and immediately initiated Project Batman. The centerpiece of which was the Batman Exo-Suit, a graphene armor exoskeleton that could be piloted by anyone. But a job that only Jim Gordon--a smoke-free, buzzcutted, physically fit Jim Gordon--was right for
  6. The exosuit's arms end in stumps, to which the pilot can attach a variety of attachments depending on the mission objective, and bringing a Batman flavor to the Iron Man look
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  1. Can't keep waiting for Batman to swoop down and save the day. Another adult who bailed. Gotta do all the swooping myself. Quote2--Duke Thomas (Prime Earth) got it today 8/24/16 prime shipping Mattel DC Comics Multiverse Duke Thomas Robin collect and connect Batman new 52 (Exo-suit Rookie) pretty cool wav
  2. Metropolis was just fine before freaks like him started showing up. First Gotham gets the Bat and his merry band and now Metropolis gets a flying alien who can't be trusted. —Lex to Mercy Graves.[src] Alexander Joseph Lex Luthor (born April 10, 1986) is a well-known businessman throughout Metropolis, the CEO and founder of LexCorp and a frequent frenemy of the Joker in Gotham City. He.
  3. Batman: Bad Blood is a 2016 direct-to-video animated superhero film that is part of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies and DC Animated Movie Universe.It serves as a sequel to the 2015 film Batman vs. Robin.The story features Batman, Damian Wayne aka the current Robin, Dick Greyson aka Nightwing and introduces Kate Kane as Batwoman and Luke Fox as Batwing
  4. The DCEU's Batman, Ben Affleck, has hung up his cape and cowl. The DCEU's Superman, Henry Cavill, seems to be done with the role. Aquaman and Shazam! barely touched on their DCEU connections.
  5. Batman: Bad Blood is the sixth installment in the DC Animated Movie Universe and is a sequel to Batman vs. Robin. It was released on February 2, 2016. A fourth Batman film titled Batman: Hush released three years later on August 12, 2019, however the film doesn't serve a sequel to Bad Blood. 1 Synopsis 2 Plot 3 Cast 4 Notes 5 Media 5.1 Images 5.2 Videos 6 References Bruce Wayne is missing.
  6. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a 2016 American superhero film featuring the DC Comics characters Batman and Superman. Directed by Zack Snyder, the film is the second installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), following 2013's Man of Steel.[4] It was written by Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer, and features an ensemble cast that includes Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Jesse.
  7. bat batman belt belts clean cleaned cleaning comic comics dish dishes dishwasher dishwashers domestic grime hero home man men pan pans plate plates pot pots sponge sponges superhero superheroes task tasks utility wash washes washing. Andy Singer's Archive
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Batman(real nameBruce Wayne) is a crime-fighter fromGotham City, and a founding member of theJustice League. Batman is Robin mentor, as well asBlack Bat. He was also responsible for assigning missions tothe Team. 1 Personality 2 Physical appearance 3 History 3.1 Early Life 3.2 August 2012 3.3 4 Powers and abilities 4.1 Powers 4.2 Abilities 5 Equipment 6 Relationships 6.1 Robin 6.2 Superman 6.3. the impressive Exosuit from Vancouver-based Nuytco Research you see here is the real life Hydro Armor Iron Man suit aka Deep Submergence Suit. however, it does not have revolutionary propulsion system that will enable it to rocket out of the water and take flight, neither does it have repulsor or rockets, but it is capable of taking a person down to a depth of 1,000 feet (300+ meters) while. Batman stared blankly at the red Gotham sky for several minutes, when he noticed René Montoya, the police commissioner now, standing over him. Is that you, Batman? Are you all right? She asked. Batman, now feeling well enough to move, activated the retract function on the exo-suit. It retreated into its compact form, and he sighed. I'm fine. Notable examples include Iron Man and Batman. Because the idea of a tough exosuit has been so lasting, it is surprising that Walsh and his colleagues dreamed up a soft suit. We wanted to deliver low to moderate assistance with a lightweight and non-restrictive platform, Walsh said Synopsis. Batwoman intercepts a group of criminals in Gotham City that includes Electrocutioner, Blockbuster, Firefly, Killer Moth, and others. When a fight ensues, Batman soon arrives. They are confronted by the apparent leader of the criminals, a man called the Heretic, who reminds Batman of his vision of Damian Wayne as Batman Tabletop & Wargaming - Exo Suit. Filter Greater Good Heavy Weapons Suit 6mm Epic Infantry $ 12.90 by MicroRealms. Aliens Exosuit Berserker miniature games and rpg Batman Thrasher miniature model fantasy games rpg $ 20.43 by MicroRealms. Exosuit Protector miniature model fantasy game rp