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  1. What Does Dry Rot Look Like? Tire dry rot is also known as sidewall cracking. As the term suggests, dry rot is primarily characterized by cracks in the tire rubber. If one or more of your tires has developed dry rot, you may notice the following warning signs
  2. Tires age as soon as they're manufactured, ideally lasting up to 10 years, but shipping, handling and exposure accelerate aging and dry rot, shortening their life. If a tire dry rots, tire components, such as the tread, sidewalls, belts or bead wire, may separate. Tread separation or sidewall blowout at highway speeds could result in a crash
  3. Tire dry rot is also sometimes called sidewall cracking. This common condition leads to hairline cracks along the sidewalls and tread. The rubber along these cracks fades from black to dull gray. If you see such cracks on your tires, take your vehicle to your dealership
  4. Let's take a look at a common safety issue with one of the most important components of your vehicle - Tire Dry Rot. Rubber breaks down over time and your t..
  5. Dry rot usually shows up as dry, cracked, and brittle patches on the wall of your tire. As the oil and chemicals in the rubber used to produce the automobile tire dries, the integrity of the tire weakens and will eventually end in a failure, which can be very dangerous if it blows out while the vehicle is on the road - especially at high speed
  6. Tire dry rot is most noticeable on the sidewall, in-between tread block, and on the tread block itself. In advanced tire rot, the rubber starts to separate from the carcass. This can cause tire wobble at low speeds, something you can feel in the steering wheel. Dry rot usually appears all around the tire, not just in certain spots

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  1. Just as you would check your tires' tread, you should check for signs of dry rot, which is easy to spot on the sidewall. Look for cracks or flaking in the rubber, which may even come off in small pieces if you touch it with your fingers. Cracks in the tread are another sign of dry rot that can be harder to spot
  2. While dry rot is most commonly found on the sidewalls of tires, it can infect any part of the tire's structure. Look carefully at the tread on the exposed portion of the tires; if any cracks run through the tread, especially at a perpendicular angle, the tire may have dry rot. Replace any tires with dry rot
  3. Identifying Dry Rot. When exposed to light the fungus appears to have a lemon almost yellowish tinge look to it. Dry rot leaves deep cracks running across the grain of the wood along with evidence of mycelium growth on the wood. The affected wood will be brown in colour and will crumble due to a lack of structural integrity as a result of dry.
  4. In this article, we would like to teach how to fix dry rotted tires in case they split from the rim, have cracks on the surface or even have some big holes. Although all tires nowadays are protected from ultraviolet thanks to the fact that manufacturers add carbon black to the rubber, the problem of a dry rot is still typical, especially for.
  5. ID it and do something about it, Or run it as it and be many of these clowns here who have a extreme tire blowout on the side of the highway, Some resulting.
  6. Dry rot is a deterioration of the the rubber in a tire. Initially appearing as small cracks in the tire's treads or on the sidewalls, if left unchecked it will worsen until the tire begins to leak, or in some cases, blows out. A few of the main causes of dry rot are low tire pressure, not moving the vehicle enough, ozone, and high temperatures

Dry rot is cracking in the sidewall and tread of tires. The tires start looking a little chalky rather than jet black—the fading persists even after you've washed them. They're much like the human skin. When we're young, our skin is naturally full of moisture What does tire dry rot look like? One of the first and most obvious signs that a tire has dry rot is the presence of cracks or splits in the sidewall. Excessive heat, harsh chemicals, severe temperature swings, lack of use, and just plain old age all conspire to cause the rubber compounds in a tire to come apart The first sign of dry rot is cracks running down the sidewalls. If the cracks are surrounded by discolored rubber, then the dry rot is in an advanced stage. ❑ Though dry rot commonly occurs on the sidewalls, it can spread to the tread too. Typical cracking patterns include, cracks which run perpendicular to the tread, and in between The sidewall weathering that is visually evident on the tire occurs when the rubber compounds used to make the tire begin to break down. As with most products, there is a natural degradation over time and exposure to adverse environmental conditions with the rubber compounds that make up a tire

In layman's terms, dry rot is when the rubber of your tires starts to break down and diminish. Age does play a factor in this, but there are much bigger contributing factors as well. To help you understand the reasons better, below are the 5 main causes of dry rot Six to 10 years is about all a tire is good for, regardless of miles. Inspect the sidewalls for tiny cracks on the surface of the rubber. It will look like cracks in the glaze of a piece of.. Recognize that cracking and dry rotting are signs of overall tire tread deterioration. This visible tread deterioration is a clear indication that the crucial tread compound and resins, which contribute in a fundamental way to proper road surface interaction, are no longer effective Remove the Tires - If the tires are already removed, i.e. if they have been in storage, then you are all ready to get started. If however the tires are still on the vehicle, it really is a good idea to jack up the car and remove the tires from the wheels. This is because Dry Rot can affect the tire wall on both sides of the tire

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  2. Dry rot is generally referred to as the breakdown or decay in wooden materials. However, the term has been used colloquially in other fields as well, including tire deterioration, although rubber on tires does not actually rot. When cracks begin to occur within a tire's rubber, it is said to have dry rot. When Is a Tire With Dry Rot Too Dangerous
  3. Real dry rot is caused by a fungus that attacks organic materials containing cellulose, like wood or cotton. The cracking, flaking and decaying that can happen to old car tires, rubber bands (and other items made with either natural or synthetic rubber) may look like true dry rot, but a fungus is not to blame
  4. What does dry rot look like? What does dry rot look like? Dry rot tends to have a white cotton wool- like appearance that coats the affected timber like a cobweb. You can also spot dry rot by the state of the timber in question which may show a distinctive type of cracking known as cuboidal cracking

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The fruiting body of Dry Rot is usually rusty red and/or ochre yellow with an off white outer edge. There could be touches of lilac or silver grey here too. You will often be able to see the red spores in the middle. It is usually a flat body which looks a bit like a tree mushroom you might see in woodland Here's what you should look for: 1. Brittleness. Does your tire have places where the rubber is flaking off or appears harder than normal? Dry rot can cause this appearance in tires and cause the tire to look flaky. 2. Sidewall Cracking. When the tire's sidewall starts to crack, this is a sure sign of dry rot in tires

Dry rot, sometimes called sidewall cracking, refers to the small cracks that form on the side of a tire. They start out as small, hairline cracks that are often difficult to see, and eventually extend all the way to the tread and can become quite large. The rubber itself can also turn from black to an ash-gray color Tire dry rot is the deterioration of a tire's rubber compounds. When experiencing dry rot, tire surfaces become dry and cracked, which makes them very prone to breaking down. This can occur in vehicles that sit for a long time (during the pandemic for example), and it results in your tires prematurely wearing out and needing to be replaced Dry rot is generally referred to as the breakdown or decay in wooden materials. However, the term has been used colloquially in other fields as well, including tire deterioration, although rubber on tires does not actually rot. When cracks begin to occur within a tire's rubber, it is said to have dry rot Identifying Dry Rot. When exposed to light the fungus appears to have a lemon almost yellowish tinge look to it. Dry rot leaves deep cracks running across the grain of the wood along with evidence of mycelium growth on the wood. The affected wood will be brown in colour and will crumble due to a lack of structural integrity as a result of dry.

2. Best Tire dressing to Prevent Dry Rot. As mentioned above, you want to clean your tires with the right types of cleaning solutions. Preferably, a mixture of mild bar soap and water is considered one of the best options for keeping the tires clean of dirt, debris, and dry rot. Also, you can make your car tires look good in its appearance If you are unfamiliar with what dry rot or crazing looks like, have a tire professional give your tires a once over. After tire storage: Check the tire's sidewall for a US Department of Transportation Number that will help you determine the age of the tire What to look for: Because the tires are composed of rubber it is normal for tires to degrade over time but because of added exposure to things like excessive heat, harmful ozone and UV rays this process is accelerated. When the chemical bonds that make tires plyable break down the tire begins to turn grey and lose its flexibility

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  1. As a rule of thumb, for safety sake, tires should be replaced once dry rot becomes noticeable. Most tire manufacturers actually recommend replacing tires once they reach 6 years old regardless of how good the tread depth appears to be. If you want to know how old your tires actually are, look for the DOT number imprinted in the sidewalls
  2. Sorry. At that point I thought I knew how old my tires were!! Looks like the 45th week of 2002. I don't know if the letters after DOT but before the numbers mean anything, but just in case: HD WC CP3X. By the way, when I look at the tires, I can't see anything, so surely the dry rot cannot be that bad. On the other hand, they seem to be 8.
  3. What Dry Rot in a Tire Looks Like. Tire dry rot is more commonly referred to as sidewall cracking. You'll know if your tires have it if you notice the following signs... Brittleness: Since essential oils are escaping from the tires, you may see them look and feel more brittle. You might even notice small pieces of rubber breaking off the tire
  4. Signs of Tire Dry Rot. Tire dry rot can wreak havoc on your vehicle's functionality. That's why it's a good idea to do regular visual inspections of every tire on your vehicle. Tire dry rot can happen on any kind of vehicle including four-wheeled cars, motorcycles, trailers, and more. When you're inspecting each of your tires, there's.
  5. Cracking in tires is often called dry rot or sidewall cracking. A small crack can open up in the tire and cause it blowout. It can even cause a tire to rip open. This makes dry rot dangerous. That explains why people want to prevent it as much as possible and treat it when they can in order to prevent it from getting worse
  6. Joined. Feb 12, 2006. Posts. 10,668. Steve407, the blowout of a tire can not only cause an accident but it can do serious damage to the wheel well and undercarriage. With steel belted radials the steel belt beats the wheel well and it can cause many thousands of dollars of damage, depending on what's nearby
  7. If you notice little cracks running spider-like along the sidewalls of the tires and running all the way to the tread, you may be experiencing a common phenomenon that occurs in stagnant cars - tire dry rot. One of the most common reasons for tire dry rot is improper storage or infrequent use. According to an Angie's List Classic Car member.

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2,556 Posts. #5 · Mar 4, 2011. Trials and errors. I'd say it depends on the operators, how aggressive they ride. I'd replace them. Though it's odd that the dry rot is on the wall. Mine's alway on the middle of the tires (where they contact the ground the most) 1996 Yamaha FZR600, first and current bike, and loving it Tire dry rot is when you get tiny cracks along the sidewall and tread of a tire. If ignored, it could lead to bigger issues, such as losing air pressure too quickly. Or, the cracks could open up suddenly, causing a tire blowout when driving around Maple Shade, Moorestown, or Cherry Hill. So, it's important to know what tire dry rot is I rotated my tires yesterday and noticed what looked to be dry rot cracks in the sidewalls. The crack is about 1/2 outside of the rim, the entire circumference of the tire and on all 4 tires . They're not overly deep but the location has me concerned. The tires aren't quite a year old and have about 10,000 miles on them When do Tires Typically Dry Rot? How Long do They Last Before Dry Rotting? As discussed, many variables determine when (and if) dry rot strikes. The older the unit gets, the more likely it is to start to degrade. A carelessly maintained tire that's two years old could look worse than one that's four years old but well looked after

I have 23,000 miles on my 2017 Tacoma. NewYork State inspection says I have 50% left on tires but they look like they are dry rotting. Any info is.. Feb 4, 2014. #8. Some dry rotting/ozone cracking is normal, especially on tires over 5 or so years old. Just because they are doing that does not mean the tire is in imminent failure mode. Most major tire manufacturers will advise to replace a tire that is 10 years or older

Cracks in the tread itself are not hugely distressing in terms of tire failure but will result in less traction. The forces on the tire between treads is not as large as the sidewall. Cracks in the sidewall are distressing, because they can lead to catastrophic failure of the tire. What you've got there is dry-rot As the tire rolls, additional wax is forced to the surface of the tire. This is referred to as blooming. This blooming refreshes the surface wax protectant. A tire that has not been flexed will have the wax depleted by the ozone and thus begin to degrade and suffer dry rot. Looks to me that the solution is more excercise of the trailer tires Applying a tire protector at least once a month can work to protect your tires from UV rays that can cause dry rot. The best tire protectors are water-based. The instructions for application will vary somewhat from brand to brand. Generally speaking, you can use a cloth to apply most tire protectors

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  1. I visited my cousin John last fall. As a surprise, he decided to see if he could get his '67 MGB-GT running. It has been sitting under a pile of clutter since he got married, about 30 years ago. He got the car about 5 years earlier than that. Know..
  2. The Autoglym tire dressing is applied from the spray bottle, which puts a light white foam onto the tires (as shown above). We advise that you leave it to foam for at least 30 seconds before drying the tire to reveal the finished result. Once you have waited for it to fully dry, the tire will have a satin black finish and look like brand new tire
  3. I actually had a tire blow out on me one day after buying a used car due to the dry-rot that you describe. In my particular situation, the tires were already on the car; and were not ones that I.

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A 4 year old tire, even 3+, is pretty old for a dry rot claim. Toyo recently refused same due to age on some about 3 yrs old for a friend's car, even with my tire dealer strongly advocating (we're a fleet customer). Mich might be different. If you get any adjustment, you can buy better tires at a different dealer than Wally's place What do dry rotted tires look like? Even in minor cases of tire dry rot, you may notice cracks on the sidewall of your tire. These cracks may appear in an isolated area or extend around large portions of your hubcap. Faded color. If your tire begins to look more gray than black, it may be developing dry rot. How many years are tires good for No tire lasts forever. It can take a lot of riding to wear a tire out, but mileage isn't the only thing that can kill a tire. Dry rot (when tires start to look dry, faded and cracked) is a. Tire age is a common cause of tire sidewall cracking. As a tire continues to degrade and dry out, dry rot can occur. Chemicals can also cause cracked tires. Tire cleaning or dressing products can damage the rubber in tires. Cracking appears when the polymers in the rubber start to break apart. Click to see full answer Tire cupping is a type of uneven tire wear that appears on the tread of the tire as a series of abnormally worn patches among less worn parts of the tread. This is caused by a situation that may at first feel to the driver like a vibration in the steering wheel, but in the most extreme cases, may feel as if the tire is bouncing on the road.

WHEELS AND TIRES: overall condition of the wheels and tires (dry rot, tread height etc.) as well as the condition of any repairs. FUEL SYSTEM: Fuel tank and line inspection. EXHAUST SYSTEM: Check the condition of the manifold and exhaust piping. BUMPERS: Height and proper mounting are checked here. FENDERS: condition and placement People usually rely on a tire's tread depth to determine when to replace it. But tire age is critical, too. A tire that's 6 years old or older isn't safe and should be replaced, regardless of wear Got some dry rot on trailer tires. Got this old trailer free with a boat. Boat is 5500lbs. I think the trailer is rated for 10-12k lbs. Saltwater. I am replacing brakes, leaf springs, lights, bearings and assorted hardware. Here are some pics of the 225/75/15 D rated trailer tires. Some.. If the tire shows no signs of wear within 3 years of storage like cracks and dry rot, we can assume that the tire is good to use no matter the age. Before going out to ride on aged tires you should do a few checks to ensure it's rideability. Check for these things: Flexibility Grip with contact of the groun Some of these things - like dry rot or certain kinds of damage - are often best to have evaluated by a professional. To an untrained eye, a tire may look totally fine, when in fact, it could pose a safety hazard. Once you know you're in the market for new tires, you may wonder how many to replace

1. General Consensus- After 6 years inspect them for dry rot regularly. Change them between 6-10 years 2. My cars use Bridgestone. Bridgestone recommends changing them before 10 year mark 3. I have a guide to identify dry rot - but it is better done by a mechanic 4. Research your tire brand - they will have a knowledge base on thi Especially when it comes to rubber gaskets and seals, which dry out and need to be replaced. Kelley Blue Book reports older low-mileage cars can also develop tire dry rot, as well as have heater and radiator components fail. And having any motor vehicle sit on its tires for long also risks developing tire flat spots This looks like dry rot to me and I was wondering, is this covered under manufacturer warranty. I have the cracking on all four tires and I kept proper inflation since I've had the car. I've never had tires do this to me, especially this early. 20k miles on tires. They are BF Goodrich radial.. Vintage cars are particularly at risk for tire dry rot because they are typically driven infrequently, and may be stored for months at a time. Is cracking on tires normal? Tire-cracking is common on tires that don't get driven that much, like trailers, motorhomes, classic cars, collector, performance cars, grandma's, and the church van The name 'dry rot' is not a typical rot that you'd see on a tree trunk exposed to the elements. It's simply a name for the drying and cracks that occur on rubber that is degrading. It can spread from one tire to another, but if two tires are stored under similar conditions that induce dry rot, then it is likely that both will get damaged

Dry rot in tires can often happen with trailer tires because most trailers spend a lot of time sitting in a driveway or storage facility. Some trailers may be used once per week or every other weekend, but most are used during the long holidays like summer or a long holiday weekend. If a dry rot in your tire is caught early, a repair can be. I did tire autopsies for decades before retiring. I have even posted pictures on my blog and have over 30 posts that have Failure as a label. Best advice I can give is to read and review the information on my blog. Listen to the only two (to my knowledge) actual tire engineers on RV forums: myself and CapriRacer. Dry Rot is a misnomer Dry Rot. A tire that has succumb to dry rot might have great looking tread depth but is still in need of replacement. If your tires appear oxidized or rough, dry rot has probably ruined your tire. Dry rot can occur if a tire has been in the sun too long, or if the tires are simply too old Hi all, so my 31 Foot class C has tires that are about 2-3 years old. Recently I noticed a very small but consistent line of dry rot going around the tires near the bead. It is only on the tires on the front, not the 4 in the rear. Question: should I replace the front tires? The dry rot is not bad at all, just a minimal line of cracking

In my case on a 99 Mercury Tracer. We have several vehicles, so maybe 5 to 8 thousand miles a year. It got to where I had plenty of tread, OK wet traction, but very poor dry traction like in a panic stop. I am beginning to wonder about paying extra money for high mileage tires if they don't get much mileage and loose dry traction Michelin Tires With Dry Rot. Close. 1. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. Michelin Tires With Dry Rot. Based on your pics, it looks like you have more tread in the center and less on the shoulders--dead ringer for underinflation. If they determine those are heat cracks due to underinflation, the mfgrs warranty won't apply. 2. Share

Types of Heart Rot. When you notice tree rot, then your tree has been attacked by a fungus. This can manifest in the following three ways. Brown Rot - This is the most serious version. It causes your tree to decay, dry out, and crumble into pieces. White Rot - This is still severe as it too causes tree decay, but the wood will feel moist. Had some dry rot on Michelin Primacy MXV4 H rated tires. Sidewall cracks within about 1 year and a half. Noticed the same thing on another set of MXV4 when I bought a slightly used vehicle. The date code was about 2 yeras old and the same sidewall cracking going on. No sidewall shine used on the first set I bought and garaged frequently Dry rot is a combination of minimal use of the tire and UV rays from the sun. Look very carefully at the sidewall of your tires. Dry rot looks like fine, webbed lines, not very deep which appear on the inside circumference of tires. This means that the sidewall has begun to deteriorate, and it is not possible to determine the extent of.

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tire dry rot. 05-13-2020, 08:14 PM. Hi all. I'm not a mechanic and I'm a Model A novice so there's not much I can contribute, but I sure have learn a lot from checking in regularly during the last year and a half. I driven my 31 Tudor over 5k in the last year and love every mile. I need tires. I have two Firestone with good tread but some dry rot Dry Rotted Tires. 4:00 PM. Stop The Rot What You Need To Know About Tire Dry Rot. Tire Dry Rot Discount Tire. How To Help Prevent Dry Rot In Tires Goodyear Tires. Keep Tires From Dry Rotting And Cracking Tirebuyer Com. Piston Slap Safe Thinking On Dry Rotted Tires The Truth. Does The Dry Rot On My Truck S Tire Need Immediate Attention But it is common for people to call ANY tire degradation dry rot. Modern tire compounds do not rot like they did 50 years ago or more. 7 years is on the outside edge of the life expectancy for tires. Those look pretty bad. I wouldn't be getting that brand again

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Like people, tires are subject to the harmful effects of the sun. UV rays can damage your tires' rubber if exposed for extended periods of time. So I would need to look for a tire cover that will fit a tire with a 27 inch diameter. Tire Cover Material. What is tire dry rot? Tire dry rot is a form of decay that happens as tires age. It. Dry rot happens no matter what, but is accelerated by UV and ozone. Surface cracks are from the tires not getting enough heat cycles, being over heated, under inflated, over loaded, advanced dry rot or any combination. Steer tires will always be more susceptible thanks to the added side thrust Look for : Uneven wear; Bulges; Tire dry rot (look for cracks along the tire wall) Lodge objects like screws and nails; If you notice any of these, you need to have the tire replaced as soon as possible. Additionally, check the depth of the tread and look for the wear bar on the tire. It will indicate that there isn't enough tread left and. Michelin tire dry rot and aging chart. You might think I'm lucky since my tires still look good after more than seven years on the road. Maybe I am, but I helped my luck along by taking care of my tires in a way that most people don't bother doing and it's paying off with longer tire life. Below are the recommended ways to make RV tires last.

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Driving like a maniac and slamming on the brakes can also make small cracks in a tire worse and even cause new ones. Practice safe-driving practices and try to keep the tires from rubbing on the curb. Step 2: Avoid dry rot. Dry rot happens when a vehicle is allowed to sit too long without driving it, especially during the winter Does tire need immediate replacement? Ask Question Asked 2 months ago. This does look like gradual degradation, so its been brewing for a while. 4 Yes replace that tire (if not both) immediately. This is called dry rot. Dry rot is caused by sunlight exposure, and ozone. Share. Improve this answer. Follow edited Apr 23 at 15:01. DavidW.

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Defects of the Tire. Tread and age are not the only things that can cause motorcycle tires to go bad. General defects also need to be taken into consideration. For example, sometimes your tire might experience dry rot in the sidewalls. This often looks like cracking along the sides of the tire Basically, we recommend a four-point tie-down system, and one that does not compress the suspension too much. (A lot depends on your bike, your trailer, and how you're tying it down - call us if you'd like a demonstration: 440.232.4311) Improper loading can result in broken springs, broken brackets, snapped cables on doors, and worse Just bought wheel/tires from craigslist. Dry rot? Thread starter steadly2004; I'll hopefully use them for less than one year. I want some 285 65 r 18 AT tires from treadwright.com they're like 33 tires as opposed to the 31's on there now. I've heard that certain tire shines can actually help in not letting the tire dry out more . Jan 6. This two ounces of mix was enough to paint an entire 8-32 rear tire from my H. It went on as easy as pie and left no brush strokes. It gave a nice satin finish that really does look new. It was thick enough to cover that paint splatters, too. It did not really fill in the dry rot cracks, but I am thoroughly pleased with the finished product.

When storing your motorcycle for an extended period of time be sure to keep it in a clean and dry area where the temperatures don't get too extreme. Wet and dusty conditions along with freezing cold and high heat can wreak havoc on motorcycle tires and lead to dry rot, cracking, and accelerate deterioration of the tire's materials/components The gasket is a flat piece that is mostly made of silicone or, in some cases, asbestos that looks like compressed paper. The gasket is not really a technical piece but it has a critical function in the smooth operation of the engine. What is Tire Dry Rot and How to Fix Dry Rotted tires

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SBM photograph. Like all trailer tires, this tire is marked ST for Special Trailer. It is 175mm (6.9) wide at its widest point and 80% as tall, 140mm (5.5), from wheel rim to tread. It has diagonal fiber plies—D—and fits a 13 rim. In the string of numbers indicating the size of the tire, there is a letter—B or R—for bias or. The bead is where a tire seals itself to the rim. The bead on older tires, or tires that have dry-rot, may have decreased elasticity and no longer seal properly. Beads can also be damaged when a tire is mounted or dismounted without the use of tire lube and beads can become chaffed, due to a corroded rim PM Standley Motorcars is a used car dealership and service/certification center located in Carrollton, TX. We serve the greater Dallas TX area including Plano, Irving, and Lewisville. Browse our quality used cars, trucks and SUVs online, then come in for a test drive and to see why Dallas loves PM Standley 3-Year Roadside Assistance 2. * Consumer is responsible for the cost of delivered goods. Roadside Flat Tire Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in the U.S. and Canada for 3 years after you purchase your MICHELIN replacement tires. In the event you need roadside assistance, simply call 1-888-553-4327 (also provided on the. Tire Replacement. Remember, a trailer tire may need to be replaced long before the tread wears out. Generally rot or UV damage will be the death of the tire long before the tread wears out. Maintain them properly and keep a good eye on them for signs of dry rot like side wall cracking

Your tires might look safe, but are they? Beware as theMy mechanic told me my SUV tires were dry rotted on myMichelin tires dry rot - Costco purchase | For B BodiesAre my tires dry rotted? Can I still use them? | DSMtunersIs this dry rot? : motorcyclesThere's A Huge Ridiculous Twitter Fight Happening RightIdentify a Dangerous Tire - 53 Seconds That Might Save aFix Dry Rotted / Flat tires on Lawn Equipment ATVs - YouTube