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Browse concrete pool deck staining ideas in the Direct Colors project galleries. Get inspired, then get started with our DIY tutorials, videos and mor Marbelite Marbelite is a common pool finish that is a stronger material than conventional concrete while still staying flexible and durable. Marbelite transforms the shell of the pool to a neutral color when applied and appears blue when filled. It's smooth, hand trowelled and built to last

concrete into your pool deck is the expansive range of colors available. Because of ever-advanc-ing technology and jaw-dropping chemical tech-niques, concrete can be colored in just about any hue imaginable. Some contractors offer upwards of 250 hues and shades. Colored concrete can be used in combination, abut Pigments are discreet particles in the concrete mix: dyes are soluble, while pigments are not. • Pigments are either organic or inorganic. Organic compounds contain carbon; inorganic compounds do not. The most common pigment used in the world is carbon black (organic), the second most common is titanium dioxide white (inorganic) Davis Colors Dark Gray and Petwer concrete colors were used to create a very dramatic stamped concrete pool deck. Bonaza Concrete (bonanzaconcrete.com) supplied the colored concrete on this project. This pool deck is paved with Nicolocks Country pavers with their Autumn color blend aquaBRIGHT™ Installation. Some of the benefits of aquaBRIGHT™: Color Uniformity Compared to colored masonry finishes, aquaBRIGHT® has a more uniform color across the entire swimming pool and as the pool ages, the installation of an aquaBRIGHT finish will not mottle or fade in larger blotchy clouds.. Why Pay For Trucked Water? If left alone, most curing masonry finishes will dry out. The diversity ofPebbleCrete®. allows a designer, homeowner, or developer to create anything from a contemporary style swimming pool to a more traditional looking pool and, given an almost endless range of colors, pebble shapes, and sizes, to give your pool the perfect feel, unlike a traditional plaster or all tiled pool

Antique Pool Colour Antique in an Albatross Display Pool with a Pool Water Feature Helpful Pool Design Tip. Take your favourite pool coping tile sample to your pool builder's display centre and place it alongside a pool with your chosen pool colour featured. This is the best way to get a feel for how your dream pool space will look Contact Us at any time to get more information about how AquaGuard can restore your pool to it's natural beauty! AquaGuard 5000®is available in six fabulous colors: Pearl White, Gulf-stream Blue, Miami Blue, Standard Blue, Midnight Black, and Stone Gray Acid concrete stain color below were achieved with Surecrete's Sure-Stain, a semi transparent colored acid stain interior concrete and exterior.If you are looking to stain your cement with natural earth tones with a low residue, Sure-Stain could be the right choice for you. Stained color samples on this chart represent the color of finish as closely as possible A concrete pool is perfect for those looking for a strong and durable inground pool that is built to last. With the ability to customize the shape and design, to add special features, lighting and decking, from freeform pools to beach entries and more, you can really create the best pool to fit your lifestyle and needs Concrete Pool Finishes. A unique pool render in a range of 9 colours creates a stunning pool interior finish. Quartzon is made from a high density mix of quartz, specialised sands and ceramically coloured stones providing stunn ing rich shades to complement our surroundings. Quartzon pools are smooth to touch, making them kinder on your feet.

For newly constructed swimming pools this is one of the most common interior surfaces. It is usually white, but sometimes other colors, and is usually between 1/2 to 1 thick and applied over the structural concrete shell of the pool Yes, there are several products you can use to stain a concrete pool deck. Our customers preferred product is the Antiquing Concrete Stain. This concrete stain is an easy to to apply, spray-on, quick dry colorant for outdoor concrete. Antiquing stains come in over 40 colors so you can customize your deck color to enhance your landscape or. Green pool colours vary from a pale green colour to a deeper turquoise blue/green or even a darker pond green. Some pebblecrete pools appear green because they have a golden pebble in the aggregate (pebble and concrete mix)

The following is a complete catalog of our concrete colors. Please Note: if you have not had experience specifying a selected color, we'd recommending ordering a sample chip through our online store. Looking for actual photos of our concrete colors? Check out our gallery of different Davis Colors concrete pigments and finishes.. Use the form below to filter by color or name Concrete Colour Solutions provides a wide range of pool coatings that are ideal for pools of all shapes and sizes. Our team offers pool coatings that are non-slip, mould-resistant and waterproof, working with top brands and suppliers like ARC, Concrete Colour Systems, A.G. Pulie and more Many pool surfaces use dyed materials which fade after a short time. Quartzon is different. The colour of your Quartzon surface is fade resistant and uses a technologically advanced colourfast process which will remain rich and vibrant year after year Sapphire Blue is a traditional pick for an inground pool color. But this royal blue gelcoat has a diamond shimmer that adds just enough sparkle to set it apart from standard blue pools Coloured Concrete. colori®, Italian for colour. Individualise your project by choosing full depth colour from the extensive range from colori®. Boral uses world-class pigments that are UV stable, non-fading and weather resistant. Enhance your environment with the endless design possibilities using colori®

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  1. The mere addition of color could have a big impact on how a concrete pool deck looks. Color is an essential element in any design concept. If you are installing, revamping, or planning a pool deck resurfacing project, you might want to put extra thought on what color or colors to choose. Here are a few factors that should help you make a choice
  2. Rounded pool trowel. Packaging. 40kg bag. Coverage. Approximately 2m² per 40kg bag. Curing. Commence filling the pool from the deep end on the day of application. Damp down exposed PoolCrete every hour to prevent premature drying. Commence filling the pool 6 to 8 hours after application or the following morning
  3. With over 80 colours available, there is plenty of colour choice for your pool surround. The iron oxides used to colour the concrete are completely UV stable and are mixed all the way through the concrete - the colour is permanent. As concrete is a natural product, adding the colour takes on a natural patina, or mottliness, which.

  1. Concrete Stain Colors. Sherwin-Williams world of color doesn't stop with our paints — our wide variety of stains can enhance and protect any porch, deck, trim or siding as well as concrete driveways and walkways. Our concrete stains provide a simple way to not only add color and style, but also help protect the surface
  2. concrete pool systems are registered installers for the quartzon pool colour systems If it's colour you're looking for, Quartzon has it. With nine exquisite colours, Quartzon offers you a choice of colour to ensure your dream pool becomes a reality
  3. Amazon's Choice for Concrete pool paint. INSL-X WR102409A-01 Waterborne Semi-Gloss Pool Paint, 1 Gallon, Royal Blue, 128 Fl Oz. 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,006. $56.10 $ 56. 10 ($0.44/Fl Oz) $68.99 $68.99. Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 21. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Floor -Tex 40 Textured Concrete Coating (Custom Color) 4.9 out of 5 stars 27. $219.99 $ 219.
  4. Durability and affordability - with your base colours being Gold Champagne Salt and Pepper and White - your mid range being Blue Ice, Midnight, Gold with turquoise chip and Premium range being Galaxy and Mad Blue. Many colours can be achieved, all depending on pebble, glass chips, dye
  5. Concrete pool construction — 3. Concrete finishes. Today's array of interior finishes can make it tough to figure out which one is best for you. The quick answer. There are more choices in concrete finishes today than ever before, and they are all available in an assortment of colours and textures
  6. g pool, blue and green. The shade of blue and green are deter
  7. The following is a complete catalog of our concrete colors. Please Note: if you have not had experience specifying a selected color, we'd recommending ordering a sample chip through our online store. Looking for actual photos of our concrete colors? Check out our gallery of different Davis Colors concrete pigments and finishes.. Use the form below to filter by color or name

Black Concrete Color Pigment Dye for Cement Mortar Grout Pool Plaster 1lb MEYSPRING Two Tone Collection - Epoxy Resin Color Pigment - Mica Powder Set 100g 4.8 out of 5 stars 1,31 Concrete Pool Deck Services Orange County CA 714 563 4141. 22. Create a Natural Stone Look With SunStone Concrete Coating. 22 Gorgeous Concrete Pool Deck Paint. .A good deck paint should be resilient, easy to keep, as well as sturdy. This latex floor paint from KILZ checks all of those boxes as well as even more

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  1. We are putting in a pool and are now deciding on what to do with the concrete. We are going to replace the existing patio and walkway so it is all the same color. This is what our house looks like: This is the liner we chose: I like gray but our house is brick & brown so I think we should choose.
  2. Poured Concrete Pool Deck. One of the most common choices for pool decking is to pour a concrete slab around the pool. The primary advantages of poured concrete are that it is a simple, durable, and affordable solution. You can pour concrete decks into a wide range of shapes, and add texture to make it slip-resistant
  3. Color your world . With its strength, versatility and lifecycle cost advantages, concrete is the obvious solution to many building applications. But plain concrete is like an empty canvas waiting for color. Davis Colors has the widest standard and custom colors in the concrete industry

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Once submerged underwater, colors will darken. Final color of installed. materials may vary from these screen samples due to variations in computer monitor, printer, application. tools & techniques, weather and lighting conditions and other factors beyond the control of the. manufacturer Pool paint finishes and marble pool plasters in a variety of colours, as well as pool repair products Water color may differ slightly as variations in shade and contrast are natural. CL Industries strongly recommends viewing actual swimming pools in person before deciding on a color. Ask your local builder/applicator to show you pools in person. View all Custom Finishes Pebble Finishes Polished Finishes Quartz Finishes Fibreglass lined concrete pool Often some areas of fiberglass will come away easily and others will remain very hard to remove, if at all. Usually it will be necessary to remove the fiberglass where possible and replace OR feather edge the bigger patches leaving clean, bear concrete, fill any remaining holes with epoxy and hope the remainder of.

4. Consider the surrounds - We generally try to blend the render colour, pool tile, paving and any other finishes. Try to find something that is common between them. If you have earthy surrounding tones try to find a pool colour that will look more natural. If you want the pool to jump out pick one that is really bright or contrasting An average concrete pool is something like 10 ft × 20 ft (3.0 m × 6.1 m) in size with a depth up to 10 ft (3.0 m). All of these dimensions can be changed depending on your ideal pool. The concrete pool needs to be at least 6 in (15 cm) thick, so widen and deepen the outline as needed to compensate

Beadcrete ® is the latest development in Concrete Pool Plaster. Beadcrete® looks remarkable under both natural and artificial lights. Beadcrete provides a superior color range including custom colors. The results are stunning. The surface has a 3-Dimensional effect. Available in a range of designer colours, this remarkable finish enhances the. Firstly, we are talking about concrete pools. Don't go painting your fibreglass pool because you don't like the colour. It won't work! Painted concrete swimming pools will fade over time. If the problem is only fading and there is no bubbling, cracking or chalky surface, then you may want to try a light acid wash to brighten the paint up Before selecting the style and color of your pool deck, you might want to read this article on planning a new pool deck or replacement. Now, with your concrete deck plan in mind, we will take a look at some popular decorative styles available including options for beautiful colored and textured finishes

We analyzed and compared 49 concrete paint for pool deck sold for nearly 49 hours, and considered the opinions of 547 consumers. Following our last update, our favorite model is the KILZ L377711 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic Interior/Exterior Concrete and Garage Floor Paint, Satin, Slate Gray, 1-Gallon, 1 Gallon, 4 l.However, if you don't want to spend extra then we have another vast option for you. Dyco Paints Pool Deck Tintable Tint Base Satin Solid Concrete Stain (1-Gallon) Dyco Pool Deck is a waterborne acrylic finish with superior film properties designed to provide a low sheen hard protective finish on concrete surfaces and pool decks. Pool Deck is formulated with UV inhibitors for a long lasting finish Overview: Reduce the surface temperature of your concrete pool slab or deck up to 25-30%!Save on your feet and your pets paws from burning around a pool deck year round (and impress your neighbors). Life Deck Specialty Coatings 28 Series Heat Reflective Coating is a premium, quick drying, 100% acrylic concrete & masonry pigmented paint sealer formulated to reflect infrared rays (IRR.

You and your guests will remain more sure-footed around the pool thanks to our overlay's slip-resistant surface. Contact Concrete Craft at (866) 813-3699 today to learn how you can make a big splash with a new decorative concrete pool deck. American Decorative Coatings, LLC. uses cookies Description. H&C ® WATER-BASED SOLID COLOR CONCRETE STAIN is a water-based stain that provides long-lasting, durable and a decorative finish to interior or exterior concrete and masonry surfaces. H&C ® WATER-BASED SOLID COLOR CONCRETE STAIN is highly resistant to pool chemicals

A concrete pour is generally far more economical and any desired colour, straight edges, tile shapes and tints can be created with stamping or inking finishes. Decorative concrete is an affordable solution for pool renovators on a budget Often, the process begins with the addition of white concrete mixture to give superior quality and ensure your property achieves the spotlessness of color. Other Pool Deck Coloring Options White pool decks are clearly in style at the moment, but for some reason, you may want to explore other coloring options Quality concrete pool renovations in Sydney, Sutherland Shire and the Illawarra. Give us a call to to arrange your free quote today! Colour Ezarri Tiles Iris Cuarzo . Beedcreet colour Hayman Beedcreet colour Hayman Sky pebble with dark blue bead Why concrete coatings are such a popular choice for pool deck repair: Homeowners and commercial property owners love concrete coatings because they're durable, easy to maintain, and they can be customized with colors, textures, and patterns of your choice

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  1. Concrete Colour Solutions can help you restore, protect or enhance your existing roof with a huge range of roof coatings available Australia-wide. The coatings are designed to withstand the harshest elements and are made from acrylic resins and fade-resistant pigments, suitable for the collection of rainwater
  2. The Colour Chart below shows both EPOXY and CHLORINATED RUBBER pool colours. Actual colours can vary from this colour card and from batch to batch. Pool colours can look very different depending upon the weather, the sky, the time of day, the water and pool lighting. Prospective users and specifiers must satisfy themselves as to the suitability.
  3. g pool designs are popular, sturdy options, while metal above ground units last longer than plastic ones. To liven up blah concrete or fiberglass, consider adding a colorful mosaic tile border or an interesting stone water feature
  4. Pool Deck Paint Ideas. Your pool deck can be as appealing as the cool blue water it encircles, so there's no reason to be timid about color and design when choosing a deck paint. There are a few.
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Skypebble® is a beautiful natural pebble with an array of vibrant colours perfect for swimming pool finishes. Skypebble® and its associated brands are used in over 30,000 swimming pools each year around the world. The Skypebble® product range comes in three pebble sizes for three distinct finishes, with endless possibilities of colour and. Browse through these pictures to see some of the projects we've done and to get some ideas of what could be done to your concrete. Saved by Melissa Airey Perkins. 119. Concrete Patios Beton Design Concrete Design Stamped Concrete Painted Pool Deck Pool Paint Best Deck Stain Acid Stained Concrete Cement Stain aquaBRIGHT is a long lasting stain and crack resistant thermo-polymer finish that comes with an industry leading 10 year pro rata warranty. aquaBRIGHT is a pool finish suitable for fibreglass and concrete pool renovations, new builds, pool resurfacing, and is designed to simplify pool maintenance We have been proudly building and renovating CONCRETE POOLS in Brisbane and surrounding areas for over 24 years.We are industry leaders in Swimming Pool Construction and Concrete Swimming Pools, servicing Brisbane and the Gold Coast.Nu-Look Pools specialize in creating superior quality Concrete Swimming Pools at AFFORDABLE PRICES that are designed to best suit your needs and space Here is our pool, siding colour, deck and patio (which is hard to see in this picture but close to the siding colour). This next pictures is what our concrete guy sent. We won't be using that stamp pattern, but the integral colour is Bamboo from Interstar, using a charcoal release powder

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  1. Coloured concrete for any space. Using coloured concrete can take a space and make it special. With over 80 colours to choose from, you'll find the hue that's a perfect match for your plans. Choose your colour
  2. Epoxy Pool Paint is a high solids, two-component polyamide epoxy coating that offers excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. It is extremely durable in fresh and salt water and is resistant to common pool chemicals, including chlorine. Use Epoxy Pool Paint over previous epoxy coatings, steel, fiberglass, bare concrete, marcite, gunite, or.
  3. Whether you want inspiration for planning a pool renovation or are building a designer pool from scratch, Houzz has 326,134 images from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Apex Landscapes & Pools and Nathan Verri Pty Ltd. Look through pool photos in different colours and styles and when you find a pool.
  4. Unlike concrete stains, concrete paints create a uniform coating. They also create a protective layer that fends off moisture, heat, and pressure. Exterior Concrete Paint Color Ideas. Dark colors are typically preferred for outdoor concrete paint applications. Colors with dark bases are less likely to fade or stain
  5. g pool and surrounding area, as well as a sleek surface where you can customize your pool deck's.
  6. Coloured concrete allows you to completely individualise your renovation project, making it a great choice for coloured driveways, pool surrounds, precast panels and concrete furniture. At Geostone we are able to fully customise the colour of your concrete, allowing you to create bespoke, decorative colour concrete finishes inside and outside.

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Integral color is mixed into the concrete in the truck. The color is either added at the concrete plant or on the project site before the pouring begins. Integral color is the most common way to color and concrete and Butterfield Color offers a premium integral color system called Uni-Mix® Integral Concrete Color Be sure to browse color schemes and find color inspiration with gorgeous color palettes to choose the right colors for your backyard landscape. From calming neutral color schemes to color-studded palettes in green, blue, red, yellow, and more, you can see how hues work together to both unify areas and create eye-catching contrast Decorative Concrete Products since 1994. Butterfield Color® manufactures and distributes a complete line of decorative concrete products. Our concrete coloring, texturing, sealing, staining and stamping products are used in variety of applications, including commercial, residential, institutional development to historic parks, museums and public area renovation projects throughout the US and. Integral Colors. Sika Scofield's CHROMIX® Admixtures for Color-Conditioned® Concrete are a blend of non-fading, synthetic iron oxides which produce uniform, permanent, streak-free colors in concrete floors, hardscapes and forms. Available pre-packaged in easy to use disintegrating bags for distributor sales, or in granular form from ready-mix.

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Pool Area Concrete Paint Designs. A shimmering pool of blue water can make your yard feel like a tropical retreat, but next to a plain gray slab, it gives an unfinished look to the yard and pool area A great option to consider when re-plastering during a pool remodel is QuartzScapes: a premium blend of crushed quartz, white cement and color tints. When you choose QuartzScapes pool finish, your pool will be completely unique: the patterns of texture and color, the specific hue of your chosen color, and the way the color becomes richer over time Plain concrete made with medium gray cement. WHEN CHOOSING YOUR COLOR. . . When choosing a color from our char t, keep in mind tha t the color samples shown on paper are an approximation of the final concrete color of broom finished, non-cured concrete with a 0.45 water to cementitious ratio and made with a medium gray cement (see color chip) Your overall pool landscaping. Certain coping styles work better with stone, concrete, or other materials. If you want your pool to blend in with your existing deck, patio, walkway, or landscape, you will want to choose the materials and style that match. Safety and comfort. Some pool coping materials are rough and textured, others are smooth.

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RECOMMENDED PRODUCT AND HOW-TO: For a unique layered look to your pool deck, use COLORTOP™ Water-Based Solid Color Concrete Stain. Don't forget to add SharkGrip™ anti slip additive to your clear topcoat. Product Supplies Stiff broom Nylon/polyester brush Soft woven roller cover, 3/8″ - 1/2″ nap Roller frame Paint tray/liner Airless Sprayer Pressure: 1500 psi [ Painting is a traditional method of adding color to any concrete surface, both horizontal and vertical. It comes in a wide range of colors and paint experts can even mix them to create a custom color that matches your preference. The paint dries to an opaque finish, covering up any unsightly stain or blemish that the concrete deck may have Eschen Pool Deck. The Eschen Pool Deck was was constructed in 2001. TRC poured all of the architectural concrete on the project including columns, patios and of course the 2800 SF pool deck. The coping was poured with white cement and a Carmel colored pigment and featured an ornate bullnose form to provide the cantilever nosing The look: It's hard to beat the look of a concrete pool; there are so many options with surface finishes (pebble or tile), so the sky is the limit with your design. Flexible shape: You can make the pool any shape you want. Custom colour: As above, you can design the pool to feature any colour you want (especially if you tile the whole thing) Toll Free Phones Mark Peditto: 888-838-SWIM(7946), EXT 1 Mike Neri: 888-838-SWIM(7946), EXT 2 Jenea Peditto: 888-838-SWIM(7946), EXT 3 Shareen Neri: 888-838-SWIM(7946), EXT 4 Michael Kouhi: 888-838-SWIM(7946), EXT 5 Emails Mark Peditto: mark@artisticpools.us Mike Neri: mike@artisticpools.us Jenea Peditto: jenea@artisticpools.us Address Artistic Pools Cor

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The colors of the Mortex Designer Color line are inspired by nature. This palette is made up of deeper hues, designed to compliment a natural landscaping environment. Even though this color collection is darker, it will be more comfortable than plain concrete in the heat of the summer months. Significantly lowers the surface temperature of. Valspar Pool Deck & Walkway with HEAT RELIEF TECHNOLOGY is a 100% self-crosslinking acrylic with excellent chemical, stain and scrub resistance. Engineered to create a UV-resistant shield that makes concrete pool decks and walkways cooler on hot days

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Original 4.6m x 2.5m Concrete Plunge Pool - Plungie. Price $14,990 * Buy Now and Save. Length External 4,600mm (Internal 4,420mm) Width External 2,500mm (Internal 2,320mm) Height External 1,690mm (Internal 1,590mm) Volume 13,400 Litres. Dry Weight 8,600 kg. Bench Space 2.2 m2. * Excludes delivery + installation Best Paint For Concrete Pool Deck 2021. This list features the best Paint For Concrete Pool Deck that is found on the market today. We let the users decide which Paint For Concrete Pool Deck should make the list, by scanning all the reviews available and bringing you the best selling, and best-reviewed products Concrete pool decks can be stained any color that you can imagine in this day of custom mix stains. Gone are the days of boring gray cement surrounding the pool. You can match or complement your house siding, your deck furniture, or make a statement with a bold color. If you are coating an area that has been stained before, you will want to. DECK-O-SEAL - A COMPLETE POOL DECK SYSTEM We offer a complete system to protect, enhance, and beautify your pool deck, walkway, or patio. The DECK-O-SEAL line of pool deck products has expanded to include sealers used to seal your decks, copings, and waterfalls. For use with concrete, brick pavers, natural stone, or decorative concrete DryLok's concrete floor paint is an excellent choice for covering up imperfections. The durable paint is resistant to fading, cracking, peeling, and scuffing. A gallon of DryLok has efficient coverage, with one gallon covering up to 400 square feet of concrete expanse