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Shop a Wide Selection of Colors and Styles From America's Trusted Rubber Flooring Brand. Shop Rubber Tiles, Mats, Custom-Cut Rolls. Durable, Recycled & Easy to Install Find out more info about Your search on searchshopping.org for Canada. See the results for your search in Canad Most unfinished basements have a poured concrete floor. Soften it up for playtime or workout time with square foam floor mats. They come in different sizes and colors, and join together like a..

An unfinished basement is a great place to do your workouts. And after your basement is cleared and cleaned, apply a garage floor sealant to the floor. An epoxy coating will make the floor more attractive and comfortable. Place a large workout mat in the most unobstructed corner and add your favorite equipment Get More Unfinished Basement Ideas Having an unfinished basement can seem like an awful waste of space, and there's so much potential for what you can do with that room. For just some elbow grease and a few dollars of paint or sealant, you can transform your basement into an amazing living space

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Aug 10, 2019 - Ideas for upgrading one's basement without the high remodeling costs. See more ideas about unfinished basement, basement, finishing basement Unfinished Basement Ideas For a house with limited land or space, addition of a room is usually done by adding a floor. The addition of the floor to the top is often chosen. But, there is nothing wrong if you want to try to add floor to the bottom by adding basement. Even though basement [

Here are 10 basement renovation and decorating ideas that can transform your lower level from a dank, spider-filled place to an inviting space your family will actually want to spend time in. Best of all, these partially finished basement solutions won't break your budget. 1. Embellish your floor with a new rug Unfinished Basement Ideas For Making the Space Look and Feel Good - Home Tree Atlas An unfinished basement is an ideal place to put in a laundry room, storage, or even a gym. It can be turned into a living area, but you'll need to work hard on making it feel comfortable 45/51 - Nerd Basement Design Ideas Pictures Remodel Decor. Basement unfinished decorating wall walls concrete decor bar industrial corrugated remodel metal makeover designs modern basements floor nerd. [source] [download] 46/51 - Painting Basement Basement Makeover Basement

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Fortunately, tiling a basement floor isn't much different from any other floor in the house. If the basement slab has large cracks (especially cracks that move), it's a good idea to install an uncoupling membrane under the tile One of the most common inexpensive unfinished basement ideas is transforming it into a workshop or storage area for woodworking. A lot of homeowners who do not have enough space in their garage will turn into their basements when looking for areas that they can easily convert into a workshop or storage area Finished Basement Ideas You Can Work into Your Space Best Basement Flooring to Use If You're Worried About Moisture A high-tech printing process gives scratch-resistant floating vinyl planks a wood-like appearance that's so realistic you might do a double take. And the 20-year warranty will give you peace of mind Seriously, painting has to be one of the easiest unfinished basement ideas. And the cheapest too! OK, so no it's not a finished basement by any means. BUT it's clean, it's dry, it's pleasant to be in, and it makes for a great storage space Put a couple of cabinets in the basement to hold all your craft supplies. That's it; you don't need to do a whole lot to create a fun craft room. Pretty pendant lights and some art pieces here and there will make your unfinished basement a working art studio. 4. Create an Industrial Mini-Bar

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  1. This basement is a new build, and the concrete floors are sealed, the stairs are painted a deep gray, and the ceiling is left exposed. There's a clean white bank of cabinets with a countertop, adding storage and a place to fold. This technically unfinished space is inviting as well as practical
  2. Graphic rugs and large, soft furniture and lighting bring warmth and life to the space. Note that this basement is, like the other examples, mostly unfinished. The ceilings are open, the concrete block wall is painted, and it appears the concrete floor is as well. Finally, the owner chose white wall paint
  3. Look no further than these basement flooring ideas from stylish bloggers and designers. View Gallery 15 Photos JULIE BLANNER. 1 of 15. Painted Concrete Basement Floor So, it's likely that your house came with a concrete floor, and maybe you don't exactly love it. That's okay, because you can easily improve it with a coat or two of fresh.
  4. Industrial Basement Ideas. Filter, save & share beautiful Industrial Basement remodel pictures, designs and ideas. Epoxy flooring made for another industrial touch to the design and serves as an easy to clean surface for these dog moms. The new basement is the ultimate multi-functional space. A bar, foosball table, dartboard, and glass garage.
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  6. View Gallery 40 Photos. Stephani Buchman. 1 of 40. Blush and Black Basement. A blush and black palette add beauty to this multi-purpose basement, which was designed to be a living and wellness space for practicing dance, yoga, and more. With style like this, you'll definitely be living well! See more at Vanessa Francis
  7. 7 Ingenious Painted Flooring Ideas for an Unfinished Basement. Creative Painted Flooring ideas for concrete, wood, linoleum or tile that will give your basement floor a fresh new look on a budget. When Ken and I first painted our vinyl basement floor, we were floored, pun intended, at the remarkable difference it made

Giving the basement a dual personality is helpful for homeowners who would like to use the space for more than one purpose. Some people choose a basement design layout that allows for an office and fitness area. Other homeowners appreciate a closed off laundry room, leaving the rest of the basement floor plan for entertaining family and friends Basement flooring doesn't have to be expensive. Carpet, tile and laminate floors are all available at multiple price points to suit a variety of budgets. Paint and concrete stains also create attractive finishes and are quite inexpensive. If choosing tile or laminate, start with a level floor Tons of Ideas to Make an Unfinished Basement Area into a Great Living Space. What to do with your basement ceiling, basement floors, and basement walls. SUBSCRIBE. 21 Distressed Coffee Tables Under $250. 21 Creative Aesthetic Bedrooms Ideas. 28 Best Small Bathroom Ideas with Bathtubs Live. •. 1. Unfinished Basement Ideas for Man Cave. The first idea for turning the unfinished basement is the man cave for the most of the time. Your father or husband will try to talk you to it when the talk about renovation starts. Maybe he stops suggesting once you create a space for all his many belongings. Pros Sometimes this is as simple as purchasing a dehumidifier ( about $200) and letting it rip. 2. Add Some Area Rugs. Now that your basement is moisture-free, you can cozy up that concrete floor. Area rugs are a cost-effective way to do just that. If you happen to have a few unused rugs, put them to good use downstairs (an eclectic look totally.

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Unfinished Basement Ideas For A Soft Play Room Related Product: Play Mats Foam Puzzle Tile 4 Pack Whether you're looking to convert your unfinished basement into a play room for kids or a workout space for yourself, Greatmats interlocking play mats are just what you need to soften than concrete floor and create a space that is comfortable and safe 5. Tile your basement floor For dealing with basement floors, designers have this to say: the harder, the better. Harder materials like tile and concrete is better for flooring than softer materials like carpets. Vinyl flooring is at par with concrete and ceramic tile as one of the better basement flooring ideas out in the market

Finished Basement Ideas You Can Work into Your Space Best Basement Flooring to Use If You're Worried About Moisture. A high-tech printing process gives scratch-resistant floating vinyl planks a wood-like appearance that's so realistic you might do a double take. And the 20-year warranty will give you peace of mind Many unfinished basements tend to serve as storage overflow areas because they lack functionality and purpose. The Solution: To redefine your space, determine how your unfinished basement could better serve you and your family's needs. Since most unfinished basements have a relatively open-concept floor plan, you'll find so many ways you can easily revamp your basement without much. According to traditional basement design, the flooring in this is typically a neutral color. For example, you may be more interested in certain types of tile that are solid colors or even hardwood-looking flooring. Marble isn't customarily utilized. However, most traditional floors utilize rugs as well to bring the room together Industrial Basement Flooring. Industrial basement flooring ideas are often muted and not quite as eye-catching. Where in other aesthetics, the flooring is a part of the creative expression, in the industrial aesthetic the flooring is more of a frame for the creative expression. It is not meant to be remarkable in and of itself

The safest way to install carpeting in your basement is to start with a waterproof vapor barrier. (Many older homes do not have a vapor barrier under the concrete slab floor.) This can be a sheet of 6-mil poly sheeting for fairly dry basements. If you have a damper basement, opt for 3/8 dimpled polyethylene 3. Either stain the floors with a garage-floor epoxy, or install carpet tiles. I was thinking of creating a checkerboard pattern with two carpet-tile colors (perhaps green and gray) to make the basement space more fun. 4. Add storage for my daughters' toys (either with bins or small bookshelves). 5 The ideal basement floor choice should be one that includes a sealant or waterproof flooring that will lock out any chances of water. Basement subfloors are the perfect solution as they protect the floor by laying a waterproof material between the concrete pad and the final floor. This is the best way to get out of moisture 10 Basement Renovation Ideas To Transform The Basement Into A Fun. 20 Amazing Unfinished Basement Ideas You Should Try Basement. Basement Floor Paint Basement Floor And Its Steps. Unfinished Basement Flooring Ideas With Warm Lighting Large Sofa. The 10 Best Colors For A Brighter Basement Basement Living Rooms. Awesome Painted Basement Ceilings.

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Cheap basement ceiling ideas unfinished basement ideas cheap. Rustic basement gym flooring ideas with gorgeous decoration unfinished basement gym ideas. Cheap basement storage ideas basement wall ideas cheap. Laminate floor basement ideas basement stairs ideas low basement ceiling ideas 5. Plain Floor Paint Idea for a Larger Look. Double Color Basement Floor Paint via famousgoods.net. If the basement you have is quite narrow and you don't want to make it look narrower, applying a kind of plain painting is a good idea. Light and soft colors like blue, light grey, and beige are also really recommended. 6 DIY Basement Floor Epoxy. Polyurea is ideal for basement floors. It's a type of special polymer that has usually been used as coating for pipes, water plants, and wherever that needs strong, moisture resistant coating. This will make it terrific for basements. it has a lot better than epoxy floor coating; It is four times stronger and more durable Whatever ideas you come up with, this space is bound to keep your kiddos entertained (and out from underfoot!). Home Office Basement. With many people working from home this past year, offices are officially a staple of the home. The basement is the perfect workspace because you're removed from the distractions of the rest of the house DIY Flooring Ideas. With so many great products available both online and at local home improvement stores, there's definitely a product that will work for your skill level, time and budget constraints. Here are some of my favorite affordable flooring DIYs and ideas. Painted Linoleum. This is a quick way to spruce up a floor on the cheap

Unfinished Basement Laundry Room Ideas. The cellar washing location features a cleaned stainless steel counter-top with a built-in ironing board. The room lighting is recessed halogen pot lights on a movement sensor installed in the ceiling. Four big drawers are labelled as well as kind stained washing into whites, dark's, shades and also. An unfinished basement would be very uncomfortable to live in. Many, though not all, unfinished basements are damp and walls, ceilings and floors will be uninsulated and uncovered. If there are any electrics in place, you might be able to plug in a freezer or washer dryer but furniture is not recommended due to changes in temperature and damp

Sheet flooring has changed considerably over the years and isn't as bland as it was a decade ago. In fact, you can find the same styles and patterns as you would on luxury vinyl, so a stone or hardwood look is still an option. This flooring is one of the best cheap basement flooring options over concrete, provided your floor is nice and level An exposed basement ceiling is when the structural and mechanical designs like trusses, joists, beam and ductwork are left in their natural state. Often times, when a basement is finished, all of the rafters, pipes, and mechanical lines are painted in a single uniform color. In the image below, you can see that we painted our basement ceiling. Finishing your unfinished basement is by far the least expensive way to add liveable square footage to your home. Framing the walls, ceilings and the miscelaneous nooks is the first step in a basement finish project (Unless you need to add a plumbing drain or sump pump in the floor or are cutting the concrete walls to add windows or a doorway) The most popular basement gym flooring products for installation over concrete are made of recycled rubber, flexible PVC or high density EVA foam. 1. Rolled Rubber Home Gym Flooring Over Concrete. The most popular home gym flooring is rolled rubber over concrete. It is one of the least expensive basement gym flooring options and creates few.

Basement Bathroom Ideas : Lower Degree Resort Basement Bathroom Ideas : Lower Degree Resort. The minimalist design with a huge charm is the concept of the bathrooms in many resorts. It really makes you feel comfortable. Hint: Use soothing colors for the interior and satin touch for the wall to make your bathroom look classy. Pro Step 2: Wall & Floor Covering. Depending on if you are tearing the walls out and starting from scratch, you can either move on to framework or start looking at paints and flooring options. If framing is your next step, insulation and sheetrock are pivotal. You do not want your basement gym to be too drafty or weather-sensitive If your basement is particularly foreboding, a fresh coat of white paint on the walls and the floor could brighten the area up, making it a place that you don't mind venturing into when you need to get something—and more importantly, a place that you don't mind standing in when it comes time to put things away A finished basement needs reliable heating and cooling. Exactly how much you need to invest in HVAC upgrades — if anything — depends on your local climate and how well insulated your basement is to begin with. Most unfinished basements lack floor-to-ceiling interior insulation

A basement laundry room doesn't have to be that boring, maybe like an uninteresting room where you go to toss your filthy socks and T-shirts. But if you're looking for style concepts to embellish the ideal basement laundry room, the ideas listed below must be of excellent inspiration 7 Ingenious Painted Flooring Ideas For An Unfinished Basement. How To Paint A Concrete Basement Floor June 2021 Of Tools Due to its large space, a basement is suitable to store things. You can literally put almost everything down there. But before stashing away your tools and less-used items, check out these 10 basement storage room optimization ideas

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  1. A concrete basement floor is the most likely place in the home for unwanted moisture to seep. This moisture can not only cause mold and bacteria, but it can also ruin stored goods. One of the best ways to prevent this seeping water is to seal the unfinished floors
  2. @Wendy turley I ended up getting the rubber mats for playrooms and creating a floor out of those. If there is a problem, we just need to pull up one of the puzzle shaped mats. It has been almost a year, and the basement is DRY. The fun part was that I made a yellow brick road through the basement
  3. Scrub the floor using a wire brush to loosen up dirt and grime. Rinse the floor again using the hose. Pour the warm water and TSP into the bucket and mix. Pour the solution directly onto stained areas of the basement floor and scrub the stains away using the wire brush. Use the hose to rinse the floor with fresh water
  4. Unfinished Basement Ideas Overhaul Your. 14 Cool Unfinished Basement Ideas For Any Remodeling Photos. Ideas For Partially Finishing Your Basement. 22 Amazing Ideas For Unfinished Basement Decor Joyfully Treasured. How To Partially Finish Your Basement On A Coldwell Banker Blue Matter. 13 Unfinished Basement Ideas That Won T Break The Bank
  5. Basement flooring ideas and laundry room flooring tips from Sherwin-Williams. Unpainted Concrete Basement and Laundry Room Floors. 1. Prepare the surface by cleaning the floor and etching the surface to permit penetration of the stain. 2. Apply two coats of CONFLEX Flexible Concrete Waterproofer Smooth, H&C COLORTOP Solvent-Based Solid Color.
  6. g Up Through Basement Floor Nowadays, there are perhaps unconventional basement flooring choices to pick out from including bamboo or maybe soundproof mats
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Clean your basement floor thoroughly. A concrete floor must be properly readied to ensure that the paint will adhere to it. Move all furniture out of the area that will be painted. The heavy-duty paint you'll use to paint your basement floor contains a chemical component that requires timely application Ideas for Unfinished Basement Floors. There are plenty of great ways to spruce up that unfinished concrete. From concrete stain to area rugs, some of these affordable basement flooring ideas are sure to be just the thing for your home. Give the Concrete a Makeover

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  1. Here is a snapshot of my basement design with furniture layout . To zoom in to the detail open the PDF version of the finished basement design. Click here for the PDF of the detailed finished basement design with electrical. 6 Steps to Designing Your Finished Basement. Step 1 Measure the existing basement walls. You can do this yourself in.
  2. Next in our basement stair ideas is to turn the basement into a light and warm place. The basement is often seen as a dark and cold place. Yours doesn't have to like that. One of them is to do use lighter colors like pink and white on the basement stair railing. The combination of pink and white brings warmth to the basement
  3. For a nice look for unfinished basement ceilings, try uncovering the ceiling that exists and exposing the beams and raw ceiling materials for a chic industrial look. For a completed look along these lines, leave the walls raw as well, showing off stone, brick, wood, or concrete

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  1. From foam to vinyl, we offer several basement flooring options that will change your basement from drab to chic. The best flooring options for basements are floors that are mold, mildew, and moisture resistant; which is important if and when your basement floods. All of our basement floors are DIY friendly and are easy to clean and maintain
  2. How to Clean a Basement Floor. As in many renovation projects, this was a process of cleaning the floor, making a mess, and cleaning it again. I had already mopped the floor when I was removing the paint overspray, but we still cleaned the cement floor as instructed
  3. The semi-finished basement is an economical, low-stress, in-between option that too few people consider. The key to a useful and inviting semi-finished basement is making the space look nicer, feel more comfortable and have better lighting - all without creating new finished wall surfaces, ceilings and floors
  4. Showing you a couple of basement bathroom ideas that looks totally amazing! They differ in archetype, design, planning and inspiration - but we are sure that you will definitely love this list because of the cool things you can actually do with your basement if ever you decide on adding or creating a bathroom in the basement. Take a look at the pictures below and be astounded
  5. We then applied a citrus cleaner to the floor because we thought there was a sealer on the floor and we're afraid the paint wouldn't stick to the floor. I am seeking some creative ideas of how to do my unfinished basement it has cement floors, grey and dingy looking, with wires showing. Delete. Replies. Reply. Parents of a Dozen.

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  1. Many basement floors have been covered with carpet or paint.All debris including glue, sealer, paint, and drywall mud must be completely removed before staining.. Mastic Remover and Soy Gel Paint and Sealer Stripper are great low-odor products suitable for basement use.. Remember to clean the floor thoroughly of all cleanser residue using Concrete Cleaner & Degreaser and then to rinse well and.
  2. At just over $1 a square foot, it would be a more expensive option than using epoxy on the floors, but it would look great! Plus, I think it would be quicker to put this flooring down than to use the epoxy.. To see some great DIY/remodeling ideas I've found for finishing a basement ona budget, check out my Unfinished Basement Ideas Pinterest.
  3. g an unfinished basement into an apartment or suite definitely qualifies as a major home makeover. If you're working with a Total Basement Finishing contractor, you can be confident that all code and safety requirements will be met in this new space
  4. A basement called cellar consists of one or more floors, which can be entirely or partially below the ground floor of a room. room? For some reasons, you may adjust some treatments on that. For many issues, a basement is just a burden with its unfinished basement ideas. If a basement is incomplete, serve the room to fill up with all of the.
  5. 72 Really Cool Modern Basement Ideas. There is no shortage of modern basement ideas to borrow from. Unfinished basements tend to get filled with every old and unwanted item in the house from worn out furniture to childhood memorabilia. Unfortunately, this is letting precious square footage go to waste. The basement is a perfect space that could.
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  7. The ideal way to put down a wood floor over concrete that is subject to dampness is to first put down pressure 2-by-4 inch sleepers, or lengths of wood, on the floor that are spaced 16 inches apart on center. Cover the sleepers with 6-millimeter plastic and then lay down 5/8-inch plywood. Cover the plywood with 15-pound roofing felt, and then.

A few finished basement ideas: a workout room, game room, kids' playroom, craft room, or the home theater of your dreams. It's easy to feel uninspired when staring at the plain concrete expanse that is most unfinished basements, but that blank space has the most potential for customization of anywhere in the house A neutral color palette is employed for this modern basement which incorporates a small kitchen, bar and a living area with fireplace. The result is a lovely and relaxed feel for this open floor plan multi-purpose room. The porcelain faux wood flooring and the area rug adds texture and splash of color to the room Homes with dirt floors in the basement are more common than we realize. Let us assume there is a staircase from the main floor inside the house that leads into the basement. Also, assume there are windows in the foundation below the floor plate, so natural light enters the basement. Lastly, let us assume there is headroom when standing on the dirt floor Pouring Concrete. Installing a concrete floor is a permanent, low-maintenance solution to cover your basement's dirt floor. The concrete will seal out dust, moisture, insects and pests from the dirt, and a properly installed floor may last for over 100 years. Pouring concrete in a basement is a challenge that would be accomplished through.

You May Also Like: 21 Cool Basement Floor Paint Ideas to Make Your Home More Amazing. Sunny basement laundry room wallpapersafari.com. How do you cover up unfinished basement walls? Paint the walls a darker color to cover up unfinished concrete walls. Or you can paint the walls with bright colors like red or blue The cheapest way to finish a basement floor is simply to paint it. Most basements are fashioned with concrete floors, so pick a dark color that will hide any unevenness or settling. Browns and dark grays will also cover up any dirt from trekking shoes. Blues and greens are more suitable for a clean-looking living space Installation of the resilient channel to an unfinished basement ceiling or even a wall is an easy and effortless process. The thin metal channel only measures 1/2″ in thickness and will provide you with much better soundproofing effectiveness when comparing it to similar products that are available in the market The large basement laundry room in the picture above keeps its industrial aesthetic by keeping the walls, floor and ceiling unfinished and adding more industrial pieces such as an industrial style open shelf. Here are some ideas for upgrading your unfinished basement laundry rooms: Choose a theme - Select a color theme to keep a cohesive design Unfinished Basement Ideas - Finishing Touches For Your for Painting Unfinished Basement Walls outstanding Painting Unfinished Basement Walls. Source. If you have floors that are made up of tile, stone or tile, area rugs that are elegant will make the distance seem warmer on your ft and keep you feeling cozy. Rotate rugs since the seasons.

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Basement Laundry Room Flooring Ideas. In decorating our basement laundry room, the floor is extraordinary things we need to focus. Because the floor will be an essential aspect for us while doing launder, it can be our mood booster, or maybe support us while we do launder. Use a Ma Sand the floor to scuff up the glossy surface, and sweep away all dust and debris. Degrease the floor. Use a floor degreaser to remove all old stains from oil, antifreeze or any other substances on the floor. Rinse the cleaner with water, and let the surface dry thoroughly. Protect the walls I'm looking to finish my basement, the house was built in 2005. There is a storage area (it will remain unfinished) with the water heater, hvac, sump pump and storage. There are two floor drains, that are in the family area that I plan on carpeting or tiling. Should I have the drains relocated to the storage area, covered, or something else

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Moisture and leaks can curse a basement, finished or not, says Smith. So make sure there are no water or moisture issues. If so, she says, consult a company specializing in waterproofing and water-related repairs. 3. Get Creative With Flooring. Since basement flooring can get expensive, Smith suggests luxury vinyl tile, or LVT This basement ceiling looks like a marble ceiling. But, this is only a marble pattern. With the glossy finish, it looks like a real marble installed on your basement ceiling. This is good basement ceiling ideas. The elegance, as well as the cool feeling in the basement, also can be seen in this basement

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Additional Bedroom Down 682 Guest Room 809 In-Law Suite 128 Jack and Jill Bathroom 1,547 Master On Main Floor 8,492 Master Up 2,725 Split Bedrooms 2,590 Two Masters 148. Kitchen & Dining. Breakfast Nook 2,899 Keeping Room 686 Kitchen Island 1,780 Open Floor Plan 5,466. Laundry Location How To Install Bathroom In Unfinished Basement. February 21, 2021; By admin Filed Under Basement; No Comments 3 reasons why you have a random toilet in your basement everyday old house how to finish bathroom pex plumbing before and after pictures renovation merrypad pin on install partially budget coldwell banker blue matter spruce up remodeling small design should i my finished angie s lis Unfinished basement guest bedroom: concrete floors, concrete walls and black painted ceiling. Painted concrete walls and a canvas drop cloth wall make this into a usable space. You may recognize a couple of the pieces of furniture from some of my furniture makeovers. The metal cabinet beside the bed was a thrift store find as well as the tufted. One thing a lot of people fail to do is to soundproof the basement stairs. The process of soundproofing the stairs leading to the basement is inexpensive and easy to accomplish on your own. If you're buying sound deadening insulation for your unfinished basement ceiling, buy a few extra layers, enough for the staircase Finished Basement Stairway Ideas - Iron balusters. Jim framed out an opening on the basement stairway wall (see our how to install balusters post and why here) which created a custom look and also helped make the basement feel more open. The black iron balusters pair nicely with the black door hardware

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I have a large, relatively dry unfinished basement I would like to make more clean, pleasant, and usable (storage and an exercise area) by painting the concrete walls, concrete floor, and ceiling (exposed plywood, joists, and ductwork). While I would love to finish it for real one day, that day is at least 5 years off. So in the meantime.. Enjoy your basement. Pioneer Basement Solutions offers basement finishing in Ohio as well as waterproofing and foundation repair when needed. Make your basement another beautiful floor in your home. Service areas. Pioneer basement solutions. Est. 1979. For more than 40 years, Pioneer has been helping Ohio homeowners improve their basements The best lighting for an unfinished basement depends on a number of factors including the style of the room, its purpose, your budget, the amount of natural light, and how much light the space needs. We've outlined all of your options for unfinished basement lighting and highlighted some of our favorites to help make the choice much easier

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painting an industrial ceiling blackBoston Lofts by LoftsBostonRemodelaholic | Home Sweet Home on a Budget: Bloggers