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yeah mines is a pain in my upper chest. i feel hungry but i dont want to eat because it feels like it only gets worse. sometimes it even feels like heartburn. when i push into the upper region of my stomach, i can feel the pain. i have type 1 diabetes and have large antibodies for thyroid disease but they said that as of now i have tested. If it's around the stomach or just above it, it's potentially a cardiac issue, namely atrial fibrillation or flutter. Please observe if you have other symptoms like shortness of breath when lying flat or with activity, rapid irregular pulse, etc. If so, immediate cardiologist consultation is required

Due to this connection between the two, emotions like happiness, sadness, anxiety, disappointment etc. can trigger symptoms in the stomach. Experiencing these emotions can trigger physical and chemical responses in the body that sometimes manifest as pain and discomfort Stomach spasms are contractions of your abdominal muscles (abs), stomach, or intestines. Depending on which part of your body is spasming and how badly, it might feel like either a slight muscle..

The severity of the pain, its location within your abdominal area, and accompanying symptoms may provide clues to the origin of the pain — and whether or not you should seek help immediately. Here, experts talk about the most common signs your tummy troubles need more than an over-the-counter remedy. 1 Severe stomach pain after eating a fatty. Most likely, you'll get a nervous stomach because you're simply nervous. It can happen to anyone. The brain and gut are connected via the vagus nerve, one of the largest nerves in the body. This.. Abdominal pain is discomfort or other uncomfortable sensations that you feel in your belly area. Over-the-counter pain relievers like aspirin and ibuprofen can irritate your stomach and worsen.

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  1. Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach that is often caused by H.pylori bacteria or the excessive use of NSAIDs. Symptoms like a burning pain in the stomach and nausea tends to worsen when hungry or after eating
  2. Sharp stomach pain is common and not usually a sign of a serious medical problem. Even when there is a serious underlying cause, prompt treatment can ease the pain and prevent serious complications
  3. The feeling of heaviness in your stomach could just be the result of lifestyle choices that can easily be addressed with a change in behavior. It might, however, be a symptom of an underlying..
  4. al pain after sex can be caused by orgasms. When you have an orgasm, your muscles will start to spasm and contract. This muscle contraction can be painful for women, particularly if you're nearing menopause, and can lead to the feeling of having a stomach ache after sex
  5. Hiatal hernia is not often associated with an empty stomach feeling but the discomfort and pain may be perceived as such by some people. It is more often a squeezing pain which may be accompanied by acid reflux. A portion of the stomach becomes trapped in the small opening on the diaphragm as it protrudes through into the chest cavity

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My Stomach Feels Weird—Does Your Stomach Hurt in Early Pregnancy? It depends on what you mean by hurt. In general, the kinds of pain you'll experience in your belly or lower abdomen in early pregnancy are related to: Nausea — usually happens between two and eight weeks after conception Empty stomach feeling but not hungry can be caused by hunger and many stomach problems such as acid reflux and peptic ulcer. There is a difference between the two and as such requires you to consult of your doctor when you are always experiencing it even after eating. A Look On The Symptoms And Causes of Empty Stomach Feelin Stomach pain and dizziness have a wide range of potential causes, including dehydration, anxiety, and food poisoning. In some cases, they may indicate a more serious condition

Foods like milk and ice cream can cause gas, belly pain, and bloating if your body can't easily digest a dairy sugar called lactose. It's not usually serious, but it's a good idea to avoid milk.. With that said, this experience is actually a muscle twitching in the stomach area of the body, rather than an internal organ. Fasciculations can be a normal thing (it just feels strange); it can be due to dehydration, aging or to more serious (usually not life-threatening or life-altering) causes. When we overuse a muscle, it can twitch How to explain weird feeling in stomach at early pregnancy: If your stomach or lower abdomen injures or is uncomfortable when you're pregnant, it may not be nausea. Numerous women find their trousers feel snug early into pregnancy (two or 3 weeks after conception) due to the fact that the waistline can expand quickly with bloating 1. Sudden or severe pain. Especially if it gets worse and worse, this can be a sign of appendicitis or a gall bladder attack, Hanauer said. 2. Pain accompanied by nausea and vomiting. This symptom.

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  1. But, if you have fallen victim to a stomach bug, you may be wondering why you still feel depleted, woozy and weird for days after it's technically cleared off. Qasim Aziz, professor of.
  2. Acid reflux comes from the stomach acids that break down the foods we eat and process them for energy. Just because you don't actually throw up doesn't mean it can't be a reflux problem. It may even be an over production of stomach acid causing the problem as well. There are a few choices of medications to treat this, but all are prescription only
  3. If stomach pain happens after eating and then goes away, it is usually caused by food. If a person has other symptoms or ongoing discomfort despite making changes to their diet, it may be a medical..
  4. The fiery feeling of acid refluxing up into the esophagus can sometimes feel like pain in your stomach. It may have a pattern of always appearing after you eat or every time you wake up
  5. al pain is the single leading reason for emergency room visits in the U.S. according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, accounting for more than 12 million of the nearly 139 million annual ER visits.Most people call it stomach pain, but it's not always a stomach problem
  6. Nobody can possibly give you an answer on Quora. But here are a few possibilities: * Maybe you have gastritis * Maybe you have anxiety * Maybe you have constipation * Maybe you're pregnant. * Maybe you drink too much vodka. * Maybe you're lactose.

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  1. Upper abd.ache: Gastrititis (inflamed stomach lining), peptic ulcer, pancreatitis,or even gall bladder pathology are possibilities. If a bland, low fat diet,avoidance Read More. 90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions or offer you advice, prescriptions, and more
  2. al pain caused by pancreatitis, which is inflammation in the pancreas, is a severe and sharp pain occurring in the upper middle of the abdomen that can sometimes radiate to your back or chest. You may also experience other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and fever. Pancreatitis may occur as either a sudden acute attack or a chronic.
  3. The usual symptoms include nausea and vomiting, feeling of fullness after just a few bites of food, loss of appetite and weight loss. Hiatal hernia is where a portion of the stomach slips through through the opening in the diaphragm to protrude into the chest (thoracic) cavity. A stomach pressure sensation is common and pain is rare
  4. al bloating. Since the feeling of stomach knots is too vague to help in the proper diagnosis of the cause, the other.
  5. 18. Its normal semen retention in the stomach, its nothing harmfull, the semen in your body is building up but your body is smarter than you think and will solve this, after a couple of days the feeling goes away, at least in my experience. Maikel1, Jul 17, 2018. Maikel1, Jul 17, 2018. #3
  6. Dysmotility is characterized by a bloated and queasy stomach feeling which makes people feel uncomfortable and even in pain. Also, this may cause belching (burping). If a person suffers from dysmotility, food that is being consumed often remains in the stomach instead of being processed and sent to intestines

electric shock feeling lasting a second like 4 times in my stomach. not really painful just weird above belly button on right side. Dr. John Goldman answered 55 years experience Rheumatolog The most common causes of stomach pain are period pains in women and indigestion. Indigestion commonly causes burning pain in the top of the tummy, often with bloating, burping and feeling sick

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I have had this fluttering in the upper stomach area right in the middle of my stomach right below my breast but right in the top middle of my stomach It is just like a fluttering or twitching feeling..It usually comes on when I am sitting down,I feel it when I cough also I have been feeling this for about 3 weeks now It scares me when I feel it just because it feels like a quiver or. The condition can be complicated, and it is not always the answer to related health issues or that weird feeling in the throat. I also see reflux being blamed for symptoms that have nothing to.

catpower. Regular Member. Joined : Nov 2008. Posts : 192. Posted 1/6/2009 10:37 AM (GMT -6) For the past few days, I have had a new pain/feeling in the stomach. I feel like I've been punched and I have an overall nausea and dull pain everywhere. My bowel movements haven't really changed (D a few times a day, worse after I eat) Why Does My Stomach Bulge in the Middle? A stomach bulge in the middle of your stomach can be a sign of a diastasis recti. Rectus abdominis separation can lead to a stomach bulge (aka stomach pooch), pelvic floor issues, unnatural posture, and stomach and back pain. The symptoms of diastasis recti include but are not limited to: Abdominal Bulg Technically, bloating is a temporary feeling of fullness, usually due to intestinal gas while abdominal distension refers to a visible, measurable increase in the stomach's size Indigestion is pain and burning in the upper abdomen, an feeling of fullness after a meal, belching, and gas. Parkinson disease. Parkinson's disease is a disorder of the nervous system causing tremors stiffness and slow movement. Gastritis. Gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach lining, causes stomach upset, irritation, and pain 1. some stomach ache that comes and goes. 2. lower back ache that comes and goes. 3. chest ache that comes and goes. 4. foggy thinking. 5. hard trouble remembering things. RE. RecoveredOpiodExpert 11 Nov 2011. Definitely tell your doctor to change medications IMMEDIATELY. After 5 weeks you should not feel discomfort

Many aches and pains feel worse at night, and stomach pain is no exception. Your discomfort or pain may be caused by something you ate, resulting in digestive nighttime pain, or could even be a symptom of a serious underlying medical condition. Depending on the location and whether other symptoms accompany the pain, you may be able to treat it. My stomach is really tight and the pain (feeling of what people might associate with being gutted or a severely pulled muscle) is stretching across my stomach right at the belly button but stretches across from kidney to kidney. It feels like my kidneys are pulsing. I have no idea if my little one is okay or not A night of heavy drinking can cause your stomach to ache the morning after. However, having stomach pain every morning regularly may be an indication of an underlying condition. We at Mayor Boss did some research and figured out why some people always wake up with a stomach ache every morning. And on that note, let's dive in

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There is no pain, just this weird drop feeling, like my heart is getting ready to stop beating, I call it a scared heart, feels like when you get scared how it feels like it skips but I get this while doing nothing. I can be sitting watching TV and if I move just right it feels like my heart stops This is not a feel-good post. We are going to talk about some of the not-so-pleasant side effects of transitioning into ketosis, especially looking at why ketones (and transitioning to ketosis, in general) can cause stomach pain.We will also talk about what you can do to solve the issues. Some are practical solutions; others have to do with summoning the mental strength to just deal with. Stomach problems in Anorexia recovery. Why does your stomach hurt? Lots of reasons why it has every right to! Your stomach and intestines have not been given any maintenance or repair work due to lack of funding (food). Before this system is going to work well again, repairs will have to be undertaken Fluttering in stomach is a common symptom of anxiety or a panic attack. The strange feeling can occur before eating, immediately after eating or some hours after eating. When anxiety is the cause, it can be described as nervous stomach. Anxiety, emotional stress, and fear are the leading causes of the jumpy feeling in the stomach There are various reasons that can cause lower stomach to feel hard. It can be caused due to wrong physical exercises, peritonitis inflammation, constipation, pregnancy and tumor. Proper evaluation is necessary for diagnosis, based on which proper treatment can be planned. However, much depends on the symptoms and associated complaints. Let us know about the 6 common reasons that make your.

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  1. g the colonoscopy. 2- female sex, they feel stomach pain for longer periods than males
  2. If your stomach feels tight, it could be as a result of stomach cramping, pain or bloating. It is hard to pinpoint what exactly tightness in the stomach feels like as it differs from person to person. While stomach tightness can be caused by various conditions, most of them are harmless
  3. If your stomach pain is due to an allergy, you have to stop eating apples. A food allergy is an immune system reaction to a normally harmless substance that has been identified as a threat. In addition to stomach pain, food allergies can cause other symptoms that can be severe and even life-threatening, such as trouble swallowing and.
  4. The natural laxative effects won't feel good. Your stomach will probably over-produce acids. It's just not a good time. And here's the thing this can happen to anyone. Even if coffee's caffeine never seems to impact you. Even if you have zero acid sensitivity. Coffee on an empty stomach is bad news. 4 Ways To Brew Without The Pain
  5. s. It isn't unheard-of to experience abdo

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Terms like heartache are not just a metaphor. People actually feel physical pain when they feel emotional pain. Your body is designed to handle stress in certain ways. When you are engaged in a stressful situation, it causes physical changes. Your heart rate increases, your stomach churns, you become short of breath and your muscles tighten Advertisement. Lower back and stomach pain is an unpleasant and worrying experience for any person. Because there are a number of organs in the abdominal and lower back area, there are many different reasons for having pain there. Pain in the stomach and lower back can be caused by constipation, stones in the kidney or gallbladder, or a cyst Most patients with early-stage stomach cancer have no symptoms of the disease. In other cases, stomach cancer patients may mistake their symptoms for a common stomach virus. When the signs and symptoms of stomach cancer are not apparent, the disease may reach advanced stages before a diagnosis is made. That's why it is important that patients considered high risk talk to their doctors about. Now you're left wondering why eating nuts upsets your stomach so much. I know how you feel. The same thing happened to me. Not only did eating nuts upset my stomach, but my mouth and throat would get itchy after eating certain nuts, like walnuts or pecans. it was weird but there was no pain then I found a bag of salted almonds ate them. Peptic ulcers can include both gastric (inside of stomach) and duodenal (upper part of your small intestine) ulcerations. Symptoms can include: burning stomach pain made worse by eating, feeling full, heartburn, nausea, etc. The most common peptic ulcer symptom is burning stomach pain. Stomach acid makes the pain worse, as does having an empty.

If your complaint is Every time I eat, my stomach hurts , here are a few reasons why. 1. Indigestion. Indigestion is a common problem in many people the world over. The symptoms are different in different individuals but some common ones include: Stomach upset after eating. Heartburn. Bloating. Excess gas The four main reasons why your dog's stomach may be hard are Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV), Peritonitis, Cushing's Syndrome, and Ascites. Of course, there may be a few other reasons, but.

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Stomach bloating is a common problem for many people. Some people experience it only occasionally, while others seem to get it frequently. A bloated stomach can make your tummy feel swollen. Cancer As a Cause of a Stomach Pulse. Next on the list of possibilities would be a tumor (malignant or benign), abscess or other inflamed mass or an enlarged organ sitting close enough to a major blood vessel that it is affected by the arterial pulsations, says Dr. Clarke. These, too, could cause back or abdominal pain I had unprotected sex 3 times in one day, using the pull out method, 2 days after i got the generic brand of the plan b pill and took it as directed. Its been 3 days after i took the pill and my stomach is feeling bloated and weird. Please tell me these arent signs of pregnancy

Hi, For the last few days Ive had this really strange feeling on the pit of my stomach. Its like a hunger feeling but that my stomach is hollow and empty. I am getting this even after eating and can't understand it. I feel like I need to eat as my stomach feels empty. I'm not usually like this and can't understand what it could be Type of stomach ache. Possible condition. Pain and cramps when you have your period. period pain. Sudden pain in the lower right-hand side. appendicitis. Ongoing cramps, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation. irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) Bad ongoing pain that can go down to your groin, nausea, pain when peeing Weird Dropping Feeling in Chest. A weird dropping feeling in the chest can be a sign of anxiety or physical illness that is making your blood pressure and heart rate increase, or in some cases this type of weird feeling can also just mean that you are too stressed out about the current situation in your life

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It is easy to understand how constipation can cause stomach pain, but it seems strange that it could also cause back pain. I know when I have this problem I can feel miserable all over. JessiC June 8, 2011 . Until they have experienced it, most people have no idea how badly constipation can make your back hurt And since the trigeminal nerve handles facial pain, your brain confuses the pain's origin (i.e. your mouth) with how that signal travels through your head, making your forehead the unlucky scapegoat. 6. Growling Stomach. Unlike a lot of medical jargon, the real word for a growling stomach — borborygmus — is more fun than the slang. It. The most important thing to take note of is a persistent change in your stomach status, he explains. Whether it's gas, an upset stomach, or odd bowel movements, If you haven't had issues before. Feels like something in throat in normal time and while eating can feel something. At the upper part of stomach feels not continously but sometimes. Then pin like pain feeling in that same area sometimes. Then pain in left side of the stomach sometimes. When I breath hard means not intake air release air feel pain in upper part of stomach.

Hi this is my 7th day today without pmo. I am feeling blissed, enthusiastic and motivated. This platform is just going to change my life. It is awesome But from last 2 days i am feeling that there is paining in my stomach, in the bottom of navel What the cramps feel like: You may notice pain around your belly button at first. Then, it gets worse and moves to the right lower side of your stomach. Then, it gets worse and moves to the right. What is the reason for lower stomach pain after masturbation? Perhaps you are tensing up a lot to intensify the sensation? If you are really in pain opposed to discomfort then you need to consider whether any other activity causes the same pains..

My first thought was as Debbie'sswallowing a phone. Sorryjust to lighten the moment. It's an unusual description of an abdominal symptom. I used to have itching inside the abdomen whenever I had sore throat as an youngster. I wanted to scratch i.. We can experience headaches, muscle aches, tightness in the chest, and neck pain. Some report chest pain, palpitations, or rapid heartbeat. Others complain of stomach pain, intestinal distress, bowel changes, heartburn, or nausea. Many experience air hunger (the feeling of not being able to get enough air), frequent colds, or persistent.

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A stomach ache is cramps or a dull ache in the tummy (abdomen). It usually does not last long and is often not serious. Severe abdominal pain is a greater cause for concern. Complete our self-help guide to check your symptoms and find out what to do next Almonds are a rich source of protein, vitamin E, fiber and many other nutrients. Many people enjoy them as a healthy, guilt-free snack. However, some find themselves regretting their choice a short time later when mild to severe abdominal pain sets in. Almonds, especially raw almonds, can create stomach pain for several reasons In addition to feeling bloated and nauseous, you may experience cramping and pain in your rectum. Indigestion: You typically experience this as an upset stomach, burning, or belly pain after eating. Stomach flu: Your stomach may hurt before each episode of vomiting or diarrhea After a few days of taking it,my stomach became so sore, cramping,bloating & pain,bowel movement 1-2 times a day,it also increased my anxiety& gave me more rapid heart movement, I've been off of it for 3 days,and I'm feeling better,hoping I'm doing the right thing as I've been to the doctor twice Low and behold: away went the stomach pain, pretty much immediately. It wasn't until years later, in school to become a dietitian, that I discovered WHY the sugar-free gum was making my stomach hurt so much. There are two main reasons that sugar-free gum in particular can cause stomach pain Stomach bloating can often occur after eating certain foods. It may be accompanied by pain, cramping, flatulence, and belching. At times, bloating can be caused by underlying medical conditions.