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Suchst du nach Wood Frame? Entdecke aktuelle Angebote hier im Preisvergleich. Hier findest du Super Preise und kannst richtig viel Geld sparen. Jetzt Preise vergleiche Günstige Preise & Mega Auswahl für Wooden Frame Wood Sill Construction 23 Floor Joists 23 Bridging 29 Built-up Subfloor Other29 Floor Framing at Wall Projections 31 Page Chapter 6.—Wall Framing 31 Requirements 31 Platform Construction 31 Balloon Construction 33 Window and Door Framing 34 End-wall Framing 36 Interior Walls 38 Lath Nailers 3 Wood framing, or light frame construction, is the assembly of dimensional lumber or engineered wood lumber that is regularly spaced and fastened together with nails to create floor, wall and roof assemblies. Wood is the most common material used within the construction industry today. Bridging consists of small wood members that are.

Chapter 5 - Design of Wood Framing The principal method of design for wood-framed construction has historically been allowable stress design (ASD). This chapter uses the most current version of the ASD method (AF&PA, 1997), although the load resistance factored design method (LRFD) is now available as an alternative (AF&PA, 1996a) Advanced Framing Construction Guide Engineered wood products are a good choice for the environment. wood framing spaced 16 inches on center, double top plates, three-stud corners, multiple jack studs, double or triple and bridging. Although some advanced framing techniques can be adopted independently, the greatest savings - in.

Wood frame construction is the predominant method of building homes and apartments in the United States, enabling this nation to have the world's best housed popu-lation. Increasingly, wood framing is also being used in com-mercial and industrial buildings. Wood frame buildings are economical to build, heat and cool, and provide maximu Wood posts should be squared at both ends and securely fastened to the beam (fig. 30). The bottom of the post should rest on and be pinned to a masonry pedestal 2 to 3 inches above the finish floor. Center beams Wood-frame floor construction typically employs a beam or girder to provide intermediate support for the first floor frame is preferred for one-story structures since it permits both the bearing and nonbearing walls (which are supported by the joist) to settle uniformly. Balloon Frame The balloon frame (Figure 6-1, 2) is a widely used type of light framing. The major difference between balloon and braced framing in a multistory building is that in balloon. A lot of carpenters actually add extra wood at windows to accommodate wide trim. There are better ways to eliminate thermal bridging, reduce your lumber bill, and speed construction. Do these advanced framing upgrades: 24-inch on-center spacing eliminates a stud for every four feet of wall when compared to 16-inch on-center framing. For a 35 x.

2. Balloon Frame Construction . It is another method of wood frame construction which although is a bit less popular compared to platform frame construction, but is utilized when the conditions ask for it. In this method, exterior wall studs and first-floor joists are supported by anchored sill When cross bridging is used, wood or metal, the upper portion of the bridge is nailed into the top of the floor joist, if it is metal. If it is wood it is nailed to the upper top of the side of the floor joist before the floor or sub-floor is installed on the joists

The wood studs allow heat to flow through the wall assembly at a rate that is 3 times faster than the heat flow through the surrounding insulation. While the advertised R-value for a 6-inch fiberglass batt is R-19, the building assembly's effective R-value is about R-3 lower. Bummer. Cures for the thermal bridging blues. The question then. Wood Framing Wood framing meeting the following minimum requirements is neces-sary for proper performance of all gypsum drywall and plaster base assemblies: 1. Framework should meet the minimum requirements of applicable building codes. 2. Framing members should be straight, true and of uniform dimension In conventional light-frame wood construction where wall and ceiling finishes are installed tight to their associated framing members, and where platform-frame construction is used, the top plates of the walls will function as the fire blocking. This concept is confirmed in the code commentary to IBC Section 718.2.3

Thermal bridging through framing components reduces envelope insulation performance by 15-20% in wood frame construction and as much as 45-60% . in metal frame construction. Continuous Insulation. Fact Sheet. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS REQUIREMENT? Approximately 30% of energy use in North America is consumed by buildings. While heat flo Common Ways to Reduce Thermal Bridging in Construction. There are a number of ways contractors and builders accomplish thermal breaking. Here are some of the most common: Use advanced framing techniques, which reduce the amount of wood by increasing the spacing between framing members. For example, 16 inches on center becomes 24 inches on.

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LIGHT-FRAME WOOD CONSTRUCTION . is characterized by vertical and . horizontal structural elements formed by a system of repetitive wood framing members. Framing is made from standard sizes of 2x and 3x dimension lumber, and vertical supports are more numerous than with other wood building systems. In addition to low-rise buildings, four-story. Advanced Framing Construction Techniques. Here is a look at five advanced framing construction techniques that builders can adopt one at a time as they ease into new, more efficient building methods. Each of these concepts focuses on increasing cavity insulation and reducing thermal bridging, thereby providing overall higher whole-wall R-values With steel framing at about R.04 per inch, it's thermal bridging on a whole different scale. Steel framing typically reduces the in-cavity R-value by as much as 50%, while wood framing reduces in-cavity R-value by a bit less than 10%. Wrapping a building envelope with exterior rigid insulation cuts off the thermal bridging Wood framing remains the most popular building method for homes in the U.S. In fact, in 2018, builders constructed 778,000 wood-frame homes - representing 93% of all new houses built. Strengths of Light Wood Framing . Builders can easily access light wood because of the availability of cut lumber and machine-made nails Steel stud framing for residential building is gaining popularity due to simplicity of construction and similarity to wood frame assembly. Despite the availability of cold-formed steel framing, thermal bridging inherent in steel. If a structurally equivalent steel stud were to replace wood

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Building Technology-Wood Frame Envelopes i 1 / Introduction Purpose of the Guide 1-1 History 1-1 Notice to Designers 1-2 2 / Wood in Construction Characteristics of Wood 2-1 Wood Frame Construction 2-3 Evolution of the Building Envelope 2-4 3 / Heat Transfer Heat Flow 3-1 Thermal Insulation 3-1 Thermal Bridging 3-2 Optimizing Thermal. Chapter 05: Wood Light Frame Construction 3. Bridging in wood light frame structures is associated with: a) floor joists. b) wall studs. c) rafters. d) top plates. e) premanufactured roof trusses. 4. Our author's favorite tool for laying out hip and valley rafters is the: a) calculator. b) circular saw

The IECC recognizes wood's advantages from a thermal bridging perspective by requiring continuous insulation in metal-frame walls but not wood-frame walls. For example, in IECC 2015 Table C402.1.3, above-grade metal-frame walls in all climate zones are required to have R-13 cavity insulation and some amount of continuous insulation applied to. Wood framing reduces R-value too but only by about 10%. This is because wood transfers heat slower than metal, but neither are good insulators. So all framed houses, wood & steel, are subject to thermal bridging - which is heat moving through the framing, around the in-cavity insulation, and transferring to the exterior of the home Framing, in construction, is the fitting together of pieces to give a structure support and shape. Framing materials are usually wood, engineered wood, or structural steel.The alternative to framed construction is generally called mass wall construction, where horizontal layers of stacked materials such as log building, masonry, rammed earth, adobe, etc. are used without framing

3. Light Wood Framing. Builders in the United States commonly use light wood framing made from softwood trees (pine, spruce, and fir) sawn and machine-planed to standard sizes. Pros of Light Wood Framing . Builders can easily carry by hand every component of light wood framing, which allows for quick construction with no heavy tools The blocking (solid bridging) is not completely installed between these floor joists. Blocking (in American English) is the use of short pieces (blocks) of dimensional lumber in wood framed construction. Uses include filling, spacing, joining, or reinforcing members. Blocking is typically made from short off-cuts or defective, warped pieces of. Blocking or bridging can be used for a variety of purposes in deck building. Probably, the most commonly used technique is to install small pieces of material in a zig-zag pattern between the perimeter joists to create a rigid rim joist that prevents bounce and increases the strength of the rail attachment Examples of Nailing Schedule for Toe-Nailed or Slant-Nailed Wood Framing Connections: Wood Frame Connection Type: Number of Nails Required : Blocking or Bridging, between joists / rafters: 3-8d into top plate. 2-8d into joists at each end of the block or bridging. Ceiling joist to top plate of wall : 3-8d toenails - 12d: Cross bridging between.

Construction framing is the process of building separate building components and assembling them to create the whole structure. When framing for new construction, make sure that you understand what the local building codes are for dimensions such as ceiling heights, size of door openings, width of hallways and size of staircases Advanced framing, as the name implies, means using the lumber intelligently in wood framing. The foundations of advanced framing are 1. use common material dimensions (24-inch grid) as a basis for design to maximize material use and minimize waste and 2. efficient load transfer to reduce unnecessary framing members from the home

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Today, wood frame structures dominate residential construction in the United States. More than 90 percent of American homes are built with wood frames. However, a number of tragic urban fires—in the United States, the most significant was Chicago's Great Fire in 1871—led builders to consider other options for taller, higher density buildings Framing is the skeleton of a home. Wood is one of the best suited and most renewable materials used in construction. With new advances in framing, projects can now use less wood, resources and save money at the same time. See Chapter 5 on Framing in the Green from the Ground Up book for more details or contact us about training Trus Joist® Floor Framing Made Simple. TJI® Joists have a unique shape which can sometimes require special detailing for hangers, bearings, and double joists. Knowing certain constructions details is important to make the floor structurally sound and squeak free. Below are some literature links for framing details The CWC publication Engineering Guide for Wood Frame Construction 2014 Edition is now available.This fourth edition is produced to provide guidance to engineers, building designers, building officials, builders, and students on the structural design of wood elements and connections for wood frame buildings that meet the requirements of Part 9 of the National Building Code of Canada Can't make it to our in-person timber frame class? Take your first (FREE!) step into timber framing with our Online Mini Course - https://onlinecourses.shelt..

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  1. ADVANTAGES OF CONCRETE BLOCK CONSTRUCTION OVER WOOD FRAMING: Strength - Hurricane Resistance. There is a preconception that a concrete block house is stronger than a 2×6 stick-frame house. While I agree with this notion, either type of construction, in accordance with location, is designed by the engineer to meet current building codes and.
  2. R. WOODWARD;T. ZOLI: Two Bridges Built Using Black Locust Wood International Conference on Timber Bridges 2013- Las Vegas, Nevada USA over Furman Street, and descending to the new Brooklyn Bridge Park along the East River. A design goal was to develop a bridge that is modest and that feels like it is part of the park, a
  3. g Plan. FRAMING PLANS show the size, number, and location of the structural members (steel or wood) in the building framework. Separate fra
  4. g techniques have been posted to APACAD.org, APA's online resource for building designers and construction professionals in search of CAD (Computer Aided Design) details for wood-frame construction.. The details were adapted from figures in the APA publication, the Advanced Fra
  5. g is an important part of any traditionally constructed building. They are built inside the walls of a structure and provide a bridging point between the exterior and interior parts of a wall. The most common materials used for studs today are wood and metal

  1. Thermal bridging occurs when a relatively small area of a wall, floor or roof loses much more heat than the surrounding area. Thermal bridging can occur in any type of building construction. The effects of thermal bridging may include increased heat loss, occupant discomfort, unanticipated expansion/contraction, condensation, freeze-thaw damage.
  2. Our full line Wood Construction Connectors Catalog includes specifications, load tables and fastener schedules for over 3,000 connectors. An indispensable reference for anyone planning a wood structure. Download the Catalog Order by Mail High-Performance Solutions for High-Wind Force
  3. Building a disaster-resistant wood stud buildings costs 25-30 percent more than standard wood-frame construction.; Building a fire-resistant structure with wood studs challenges builders because of the combustibility of wood and the difficulty in reducing the spread of flames
  4. g wall construction decreases the cost required for fra
  5. CANADIAN WOOD-FRAME HOUSE CONSTRUCTION CMHC offers a range of housing-related information. For details, call 1-800-668-2642 or visit our website at www.cmhc.ca. Cette publication est aussi disponible en français sous le titre : Construction de maison à ossature de bois - Canada (n° de produit 61199)
  6. g techniques can be implemented individually or as a complete package. Fully implementing advanced fra

For metal-clad buildings less than 100′ wide, wood frame is generally a better choice due to: Design Flexibility - easier and less expensive to get higher-pitched roofs, unique roof lines, overhangs, dormers, etc., than steel-frame buildings. Energy Efficiency - easier to insulate and they experience significantly less thermal bridging than steel frame buildings Moisture and Wood-Frame Buildings. Introduction to Wood Building Technology. Wood Reference Handbook. The Span Book. Engineering Guide for Wood Frame Construction . For further information, refer to the following resources: Fire Safety Design in Buildings (Canadian Wood Council) Codes Canada - National Research Council of Canad The Swedish Platform Frame is over three times better than the Western Platform Frame wall in horizontal thermal bridging, and and that is without even considering the external and internal insulation layers that further improve the wall performance. This is why the Swedish Platform Frame is the next evolutionary step in stud framing The impressive architecture and strength of Rigidply's Wood Timber Bridges offer many advantages over other types of bridge construction. Often more economical than concrete or steel, Glu-Laminated Wood Bridge Construction involves a variety of materials to create a wide range of styles and shapes. Preservative treated GluLam structural wood timbers also offer a life expectancy [

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  1. g. Refer to the approved design or recognized design standard for specifics (which govern over this Guide). Cold-forme
  2. A thermal break wall system comprised of 3×6 thermal studs each comprised of two non-dimensional lumber sections with a thermal break section of rigid foam insulation therebetween. The studs are 24″ on center. The studs are used for headers and sills and also may be used for top and bottom plates. The corners have an exterior all wood stud, an interior all wood stud and an interior all wood.
  3. g in Low Rise Buildings • W400-16, Mechanical Bridging and Bridging Anchorage of Axially Loaded CFS Studs • W500-12, Construction Bracing for Walls.
  4. g Methods Floor, Wall & Roof Systems Innovations in Wood Frame Construction Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising
  5. g has an R-value of 0.04 per inch and wood has an R-value of 1 per inch
  6. g Construction Quick-Card based on 2018 IRC Pamphlet - December 15, 2017 by Builders Book Inc (Author) 4.7 out of 5 stars 266 rating

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Triad Machines. has been leader in Off-Site Construction Equipment. an increase of safety and security of laborers and trade equipment. Labor productivity has shown an increase of 30% on off-site projects when compared with on-site projects. Ultimately, risk is reduced with off-site construction BIM SOFTWARE FOR EFFICIENT DESIGN OF WOOD-FRAME WALLS. Automate timber wall framing in Revit® projects with Wood Framing Wall+.Being powerful, flexible, and easy to use, it helps you make optimal choices, move much faster, and avoid errors at every BIM stage - from design and documentation to wall segment fabrication and construction Originally published March 4, 2021. Updated May 3, 2021. According to the Wall Street Journal, lumber prices have shot to fresh records, defying the normal winter slowdown in wood-product sales in a sign that the pandemic building boom is bowling into 2021. The last week of February (2021), the Random Lengths Framing Lumber Composite price rose to $966 per thousand board feet, exceeding the. Framing Inspection Checklist Sample has all the basic information for an inspection checklist. It is essential especially for a construction business to identify potential issues and assure that equipment is working properly. Install wood bridging . Check for all needed bearing blocks in floor container. Punch Item Building codes require all building systems to perform to the same level of safety, regardless of material used. Seismic loads Wood-frame structures can meet or exceed the most demanding earthquake design requirements

Solutions for Curtain-Wall, Mid-Rise and Residential Construction. With more than 50 years of experience in product design, testing and manufacturing, Simpson Strong-Tie provides comprehensive structural solutions for cold-formed steel construction Framing that does not bridge the insu-lation (e.g., exterior or interior strapping, let-in bracing, rim joist) is excluded. Framing factors can vary considerably, depending on the type of construction, design and job site framing prac-tices. An understanding of wall framing factors and insulated wall headers is important in determining the mos Ladder Framing at T-wall Intersections - Ladder framing reduces thermal bridging and also utilizes the small amount of scrap wood that is left from advanced framing techniques. Roof Pitch Adjustment - In structures that have simple roofs it is easy to adjust the pitch to a non-standard pitch that allows for better utilization of roof sheathing Framing Configuration Material Class - defines material.Wood Framing Wall+ uses Wood and Metal Framing Wall+ user Metal. Configuration type - choose type of framing you want to configure.Possible options - Frame, Secondary Frame, Vertical Nailer, Horizontal Nailer, Vertical Siding, Horizontal Siding, Wood Log:

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Table A5.3 Georgia Wood-Frame Time Data: Summary of Walls by Subcomponent . . A-23 Table A5.4 Georgia Wood-Frame Time Data: Summary of Roof by Subcomponent . . A-24 Table A5.5 Georgia Wood-Frame Time Data: Summary of Fascia by Subcomponent . A-24 Figures Figure 1. Framing Lumber Composite Price..4 Figure 2 1 38 foot A very versatile and scaleable bridge design for spans up to 50 feet, Bridge plans, foot bridge, timber bridge design, pedestrian bridge, do it yourself wood bridge construction, truss. Footbridge Plans 30 FT Span | Brighton Green Community Center - Bon Air, Virginia. Da Vinci bridge diagram


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  1. Metal Frame Construction The principles seen in heavy timber and light wood frame construction were also employed when applied to metal. Iron and then steel were used as the underlying structural frame in many large buildings. These could then be covered with any number of facing materials: stone, terra cotta, even large expanses of glass
  2. Steel pipe columns are often used in wood-frame construction, with both wood and steel girders. When using wood girders, secure the post to the girder with lag bolts. For steel girders, machine bolts are required. The base of the steel post is bolted to the top of the pier, as shown in figure 1-12. The post can also be bolted t
  3. ant method of building homes and apartments increasingly, wood fra
  4. What Local Officials Want to Do About Wood-Frame Building Fires in Massachusetts. Two massive fires at large wood-framed apartment buildings under construction in Waltham, Mass. and Boston have.
  5. g is a system of construction fra
  6. FRAMING TABLE Lengths to 16' (additional length available in 4' increments) Powered Height Adjustment (6-11' to 12'-5 wall heights) Pop-up Skatewheel Conveyor Fixed Squaring Stops Excludes Tool Dollies. MONET DESAUW PANEL BRIDGE Programmable Fastener Patterns with PLC Touch Pad Entry Bridge Auto Return Bridge Tilt at Sheathing Seam
  7. as wood studs, floor joists, roof rafters and sheathing can compromise the overall energy efficiency of the building by increasing the thermal bridging. Thermal bridging occurs where the low-insulative value of wood allows heat to flow more quickly through the assembly than through the adjacent insulation

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A nail with a more slender shank that a common nail, used for fastening framing members in wood light frame construction. Bridging: Bracing or blocking installed between steel or wood joists at midspan to stabilize them against buckling and, in some cases, to permit adjacent joists to share loads. Bright nail: Nail made of plain, uncoated steel rafters are laterally supported by either solid blocking, diagonal bridging (wood or metal), or 1x3 inch bridging nailed to rafter at intervals no more than 8 feet. _____ P. If the header in the roof opening is four feet or less, then verify that it is a single member the same size as the rafter, and that the trimmer rafters are doubled. _____ Q In this video, I teach you how to frame a 16 o.c. wall. From bottom plates to top plates, crowning studs and blocking for added rigidity. We go over the stu.. Jul 21, 2019 - Woodwork Wooden Bridge Plans PDF Plans - Decorating Decor and More. Jul 21, 2019 - Woodwork Wooden Bridge Plans PDF Plans - Decorating Decor and More Framing Construction Bridge Construction Bridge Structure Bridge Design Ponds Backyard Garage Workshop Wood Bridge Autocad Beautiful Gardens. More information.. The most common framing material is wood, but metal framing is becoming more popular. Metal may be desired in some areas and may be a code regulation in other areas as well. Regardless of the type of construction, make sure you check with local building authorities as to regulations pertaining to construction and framing, as well as to obtain.

Residential Wood Framing Construction Quick-Card based on 2015 IRC Pamphlet - February 2, 2016 by Builders Book (Author), Inc. (Author) 4.6 out of 5 stars 64 rating M I L L C E R T I F I E D 1 0 0 % EG A L V A N I Z D COLD-FORMED STEEL FRAMING DETAILS 2014 www.SCAFCO.com Priceless HDR Header & Kwik-Jamb System PLC3 Bypass Slab Slide Cli Quick, efficient method to ladder frame between parallel joists or trusses. Katz™ bridging bar is specifically manufactured to ladder frame between parallel framing members and provide for the attachment of the top of the interior nonstructural walls when trusses or floor joists run parallel to the walls

to once again become the material of choice for the construction of tall buildings. Wood is a renewable, sustainable resource and it helps mitigate climate change by storing carbon. Back in 2014, Ontario amended the Ontario Building Code to allow new wood frame buildings to reach up to six storeys While this is an outmoded form of wood construction no longer used today, it is good to know what it is and why it is no longer used. In balloon frame construction, if you had a two-storey house that was twenty feet high, you would use a single 20 foot long vertical stud for both storeys

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  1. ated col-umns provide one of several good post options. Note treated wood spliced to the bottom end. Figure 10. A typical post-frame building frame. Figure 9. Illustration of typical post-frame building features. The examples provided herein are not in
  2. ium project in Virginia Beach. This project was originally designed to be a wood structure but early on in the construction bidding process, The Steel Network performed a Design Assist for the light steel fra
  3. Blair Line LLC bridge kits are the only wood trestle kits to include Micro Engineering's Bridge Flex Trak. Code 83 in HO scale and code 70 in N scale. Laser-cut abutments and stringers. N scale bridge: 5 5/8 long, 1 1/4 tall. HO scale bridge: 6 long, 2 tall
  4. g Made Simple. Squash Blocks. Web Stiffeners. Blocking Panels. Blocking Requirements for TJI® joists at Cantilevers. Backer and Filler Blocks. Double TJI® Joists
  5. Cairo - Light Burl Wood Frame | Framebridge. Arrow Left. See all frames. . Share. This frame is interesting and sophisticated. There's a reason burl wood is so on trend right now! 1 1/2 wide × 1/2 deep. Sample art by Kevin Russ
  6. g. The fra
  7. Wood Is More Readily Processed for Use. When compared to building materials like steel or concrete, the life cycle of wood has a lower overall impact on the environment than its counterparts and as a result, also costs significantly less to produce. Wastewater production and environmental impact are also significantly lower in wood.

Wood frame walls attract moisture, mold, and insects which eventually leads to wood rot and deterioration. When real world factors such as air infiltration, extreme temperatures and thermal bridging are present, field-installed fiberglass insulation can lose more than half its R-value Forest and Wood Products and Research Development Corporation, Melbourne. [additional reading now found on www.fwpa.com.au] Quirt, J, Nightingale, T and Halliwell, R. 2005. Guide for sound insulation in wood frame construction — Part 1: controlling flanking at the wall-floor junction. Institute for Research in Construction, Canada House Structure Kits include materials for building a 3/4 scale, two bedroom home with bathroom, kitchen, hallway, and dining room, with either a hip roof or truss roof. This activity teaches the fundamentals of sound wood framing and house construction

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Let's examine the facts, comparing traditional wood-framed building with rigid-frame, steel prefab construction. MARKET SHARE. To start off, look at wood vs. steel buildings in the marketplace: WOOD framing holds a firm grip on the residential market. Homebuilders are generally ultra-conservative and hesitant to accept anything new Concrete for less than wood framing? Lumber prices have skyrocketed since 2020, rising 130% and increasing the cost of a single-family home by more than $16,000. Historically chosen due to the greater durability not the cost, the enhanced comfort, and superior energy efficiency, builders are now choosing Nudura for the cost competitiveness. of activity in building a wood-frame house, from initial conception to completed structure. Chapter 1 describes matters that should be considered or dealt with before beginning construction. Chapters 2-4 describe steps in laying the groundwork, framing and closing in, and com- pleting the shell, which are usually taken one afte

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Building in wood around the world. Outside Northern Europe, wood-built housing occurs primarily in the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and parts of South-East Asia. Timber-frame structures are common, particularly in North America, where they are primarily built on-site. Several variations on this technique have been developed in Sweden and the. A pole barn, or pole building, is the traditional name for a large agricultural structure with no basement, a high ceiling, and wide-open spaces. Laminated wooden posts are used in the frame, and today builders prefer the term post-frame building. Those laminated posts—as well as roof trusses—are highly engineered, prefabricated components

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An example of a thermal bridge is an uninsulated window lintel, or the edge of a concrete floor slab in commercial construction. An even more common example is the wood stud of a typical exterior frame wall where insulation is installed between studs in the wall cavity Residential Construction Superintendent. Ashworth Homes. Shoreline, WA 98133 (Echo Lake area) $90,000 - $110,000 a year. Easily apply. 5+ years of strong residential construction supervision (wood framing). We are a residential home builder in the Seattle area and we're looking for an. Active 3 days ago. Save job Light-frame construction, System of construction using many small and closely spaced members that can be assembled by nailing. It is the standard for U.S. suburban housing. The balloon-frame house with wood cladding, invented in Chicago in the 1840s, aided the rapid settlement of the western U.S.In North America, with its abundant softwood forests, the framed building enjoyed an extensive. Light gauge steel construction is very similar to wood framed construction in principle - the wooden framing members are replaced with thin steel sections. The steel sections used here are called cold formed sections, meaning that the sections are formed, or given shape at room temperature. This is in contrast to thicker hot rolled sections, that are shaped while the steel is molten hot

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