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  1. If you've got dozens of CDs stored away in your house and you're not sure what to do with them, why not try some of these great DIY projects! From bird baths to christmas decorations, and lamps to jewellery there's a CD design here for you: 1. Make a beautiful bird bath
  2. Ok so maybe you still want to keep all or some of your old CDs and DVDs for whatever reason. Don't just toss them in a box or in a plain rack. Store them in style. Store your CDs and DVDs in a wallet or binder
  3. Those old and scratched CDs and DVDs can be made into CD spinners for your garden, patio, balcony, etc. The more info is here. Also Read: DIY Garden Project You Can Steal from Instagram 5
  4. DIY Ideas With Old CD - Recycle CDs and Compact Discs into Jewelry, Room Decoration Mosaic, Coasters, Garden Art and DIY Home Decor Using Broken DVD - Photo Album, Wall Art and Mirror - Cute and Easy DIY Gifts for Birthday and Christmas Holidays - Creative Crafts With Compact Disc
  5. According to CDRom2Go, jewel cases, sans CDs or DVDs, can be recycled through many municipal programs as any other plastics would.Simply contact your local recycling department or the CD Recycling Center of America for more information on what types of cases are recyclable through plastic recycling.. Additionally, some cities and towns accept cases curbside, so check your municipality's.
  6. g videos, CDs and DVDs will eventually fade like floppy disks and vinyl records. Maybe it's not that serious quite yet, but technology definitely seems to be heading that way

1. Decluttr. Decluttr allows you to sell your used DVDs and Blu-Ray movies for cash. And, they will even buy your old cell phones, tablets, video game consoles, and textbooks. To get started selling your DVDs, you enter the barcode for the items you wish to sell and ship them for free Instead of going for the standard bin option, Planet Ark shares that you should be looking to have CDs and DVDs repaired or recycled to recover resources. There are a number of companies across the company that will recycle discs - mostly for commercial businesses There is a company, Decluttr, that buys CDs, DVDs, video games, phones, gaming consoles, etc that you may be able to get a bit of money for your old discs. You enter in the UPC code for the disc and Decluttr gives it a value

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  1. You can fix some at home by rubbing a dab of non-gel toothpaste on the non-label side of the CD. If you'd rather donate your CDs, box them up and drop them off at a library or a local nonprofit..
  2. CDs and DVDs are also great for mosaic projects. One of my favorites of all time is this birdbath by Me and My DIY. The original website seems to no longer be active, but you can find something similar here. 8
  3. The easiest way of getting rid of unwanted CDs and DVDs is to just simply chuck them into the nearest bin. This is by far the simplest way to get rid of discs that contain no data that has no value..
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  1. Donate them: Goodwill still sells CDs and DVDs and collects them at its drop-off locations. Many libraries — including those in Hennepin and Ramsey counties — also take them and will either stock..
  2. g music services, we find ourselves upgrading to the latest, greatest technology. But, what happens to the old stuff? Because CDs and DVDs can't be put in the single-stream recycling bin, let's show you how to reduce your waste through CD recycling. What are CDs and DVDs Made of
  3. Paint or collage your old CDs and hang them up as décor. Alternatively, you can upcycle your CDs then resell them online at Etsy. Make an art installation, planter, or a hanging disco ball out of old CDs. Other DIY ideas for old CDs include coasters, mosaic mirrors, vases, clocks, wind chimes, and more

Old CDs and DVDs that no longer function are such a waste to throw out, especially if you consider that they can still be used for something else or turned into something new. One of the best ways you can make use of old CDs and DVDs is by using them to make mosaic projects CDs or DVDs may become old and unplayable after a while. If you have stacks of old CDs lying around, and don't know what to do with them. This list is for you! In this post, we have rounded up lot of creative way to recycle that pile of old or unwanted CDs and DVDs. Here you will find you can turn them into coasters or make them into. Donate your old CD, DVDs and tapes to a secondhand store or music reseller for reuse. Even if the items are scratched, it's likely they can be repaired and resold. This obviously won't be an option if you're getting rid of blank or burned CDs and VHS tapes. Use them for a DIY art project Old CDs can be functional! Turn a compact disc into a funky clock face for clockwork sold by arts-and-crafts stores. Paint and design one side of the CD and let it dry. Write or use stickers to create the numbers around its edge

Disco Ball made with CD's. 2 - Original Source Used: >> Click Here << This is a great use of the perfectly reflective aspect of all those old CD's and what better use of that scratched, and unplayable party hits CD than to turn it into the highlight of any party with the amazing recycled CD's Disco ball 11. Mosaic Photo Frame. This is a very pretty and unique use for old CDs. Find the instructions at Make it Easy Crafts. pinterest-pin-it. 12. Lotus Shrine. Make an interesting and pretty lotus shrine from old CDs you have laying around the house. pinterest-pin-it Get Dvd Cds With Fast And Free Shipping For Many Items On eBay. Looking For Great Deals On Dvd Cds? From Everything To The Very Thing. All On eBay This bespoke media unit can conceal a lot of clutter, and is great for those who are less than organised about storing their DVDs and CDs. It could also be a safe place to store old home videos, but you should consider converting them to a digital format as video tape can start to deteriorate in as little as 10 years Video first seen on Shake the Future. 4. Old CDs for Pest Control. The next project is even easier and more fun, as it involves using CDs for pest control, and I don't mean playing your favorite CD from a boom box to scare the crows out of the field (though that might work, too)

Even old CDs and DVDs need to be disposed of when they become damaged, when they are no longer needed or become demagnetized and can no longer be read. Recycling CDs and DVDs is not as trivial and obvious as it might seem because it is not easy to identify the right container for separate waste collection Where can I recycle my old CDs DVDs and cases? Curbside recycling programs do not accept DVDs and CDs because they get caught in the sorting machines, but both the discs themselves and the plastic cases are recyclable.While it is possible to recycle all of those unwanted DVDs and CDs piled up in your garage or closet, the neighborhood recycling bin is not the place 11. CD box earring stand. Instructables shows you how to not only upcycle the inner stand of a tall stacking CD case, but also an old CD that'e become scratched or that you don't need anymore. Punch small holes all around the edge of the CD and then affix it near the top of the CD case tower stand. Hook a pair of dangly earrings in each. The CD jewel cases, discs, floppy discs, etc. just went in the recycle bin. If there were metallic elements, I just ripped them off and separated it. The metal drive piece within the floppy is removed easily with scissors if you have the time to do so Paint or collage your old CDs and hang them up as décor. Alternatively, you can upcycle your CDs then resell them online at Etsy. Make an art installation, planter, or a hanging disco ball out of old CDs. Other DIY ideas for old CDs include coasters, mosaic mirrors, vases, clocks, wind chimes, and more. The upcycling opportunities are endless

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It is estimated that it will take over 1 million years for a CD to completely decompose in a landfill. More than 5.5 million boxes of software go to landfills and incinerators, plus people throw away millions of music CDs each year! Every month approximately 100,000 pounds of CDs become obsolete (outdated, useless, or unwanted) 2. CD Table Mosaic. Break apart your old CDs to create these mosaic pieces and put a brand-new tabletop on an old piece of furniture. 3. CD Bookend. You can bend a CD if you heat it with a flame. Creative Ways to Use Old CDs and DVDs. Courtney Constable. Movies and music are more digital than ever! All you need is a few minutes and an Internet connection to download a file and your entertainment is ready to go! It wasn't so long ago, however, that we all had massive CD and DVD collections piled on shelves

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  1. CD cleaner (optional) water; If it's not possible to get an anti static cloth a fine cloth or very fine tissue will do. The method starts with putting your liquid of choice (cleaning fluid or water) on your cloth.IMPORTANT!!!DO NOT SPRAY LIQUID ON THE CD!!! Next, you will need to wipe the CD in an outward pattern. NOT IN CIRCLES
  2. What type of CDs can I sell? In principle, you can sell all types of used CDs. They just have to be original CDs, i.e., no self-burned media. It does not matter whether you want to sell old CDs or new CDs, or what type of music it is. Just grab a CD and give it a try
  3. SuperUser reader HaLaBi wants to know how he can safely destroy CDs and DVDs with personal data on them: I have old CDs/DVDs which have some backups, these backups have some work and personal files. I always had problems when I needed to physically destroy them to make sure no one will reuse them
  4. g services for your music and movies. If you need to buy blank CDs or DVDs, buy ones that can be rewritten, so you can use them again and again. 2. Recycle. Don't put your CDs and DVDs in the waste disposal. Instead, send them to a specialist company for.

3. You can use them in a DIY project. Earth 911 has a collection of great ideas for repurposing old discs. Turn an old CD case into a seed library. 4. There are companies that accept old media, such as DVDs and CDs. CD recycling Center of America has information about how to do this in your state. The website also has information about how to. However, you can still do the right thing for the environment by recycling them through a recycling service or center. To locate where to recycle your unwanted discs and packaging, check out www.earth911.com , the CD Recycling Center of America , or contact your city's recycling department Amazon currently allows you to send in your old electronics, textbooks, DVDs, and video games in return for a gift card. The program even pays your postage to ship items in. CD trade-ins are. 1. Create a phone dock with a CD stack. Because phones have largely replaced CDs in terms of media, there's a certain poetic irony in creating a phone dock from CDs. To do this, glue 5 or 6 CDs together, and run your phone charger cord up through the bottom. Tape the charger cord to the bottom of the CD stack to hold it in place Apr 2, 2016 - Explore Tickled Pink Memorabilia Mall's board CDs - Upcycle Reuse Recycle Repurpose DIY, followed by 1649 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about cd crafts, old cds, reuse recycle repurpose

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Find a container large enough to submerge a CD in. A bowl with steep sides will work best, but you could also use a plastic storage container. Make sure the inside of the container is clean and completely free of dust or other debris. If the container you're using has been tucked away inside a cabinet for a while, swirl some warm water in it to rinse out any dust that may be inside before. You do have to pay to get them shipped there, but I know some people are willing to put their money where their mouth is, in order to 'do the right thing'. Disc recycling say For individuals or small businesses we can provide a specially designed box that holds up to 400 CD, DVD, Blu-Ray discs ( 7.1 Kg ) A £30 charge covers, delivery.

I've seen some people do OK selling CD and DVD collections on eBay. But even those aren't guaranteed to sell. And if they do, I'd have to deal with shipping and, potentially, an annoying buyer. Extra closet space doesn't seem worth the trouble. Instead, I tried the Decluttr app. Decluttr buys your old media and electronics Instead of allowing your old DVDs and CDs to occupy valuable storage space in your home, you can put them to good use by donating your CDs and DVDs. Once you find a place near you where you can donate DVDs and old CDs, you can not only clear up space, but you can also recycle these old DVDs and CDs and put them to a better use Is your old CD collection is collecting dust around your house, or being used as drink coasters? I know how frustrating it can be trying to find the best place to sell your electronics, DVDs, CDs and other stuff online for the most money and in the least amount of time. The natural reaction tends to be Amazon or eBay Decluttr buys anything-because that's their business model. They will literally buy any CD, DVD, or video game you want to mail them. And they pay the postage, too. We have 470 Alanis. If you've got old CDs, DVDs, video games and tech gadgets laying around, Decluttr offers an easy way for you to turn them into cash! In this article, we'll take a look at how Decluttr works, what you can sell, how much it pays and more. Plus, I'll share how I made $100 selling used stuff from around the house in my Decluttr review

That depends on how you put those pictures on the CD in the first place. If it was a professionally made CD, go back to the folks who made it. If you made the CD yourself, you may or may not be able to see those pictures unless you open them with the same software that made them in the first place (though not necessarily the same version.) That's because way back in 2009, CD and DVD burning. Do not apply too much pressure. Wash the CD with warm water to remove the toothpaste and let it air-dry. Test the disc. If it plays, copy its contents elsewhere immediately. Trick 6: Use Data Recovery Software. Quite a few automated applications can achieve data recovery from damaged optical media including CD/DVD/Blu Ray Discs etc What can you do? Cut your CDs and DVDs into small pieces and use them to create a mosaic pattern on picture frames, flower pots or mirrors. Made from PVC, vinyl records are often 're-purposed' into new stylish ornaments, wall art or tableware. Before you get rid of your records, do some research to see any of them are rare or collector items Music CD's seem to sell very well on Discogs which is a US based site. I have sold many CD's to folks all over the world. The key is honesty over postage I find. Sadly they do not sell DVD's or games but I have sold a lot of my old CD's and some vinyl. Still searching for the best site to sell DVD's and games, ebay aside

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An All-Purpose Kitchen Rack This kitchen rack came into existence when an old CD rack met the creativity of Jeanette. (via Snazzy Little Things) A Trellis for The Garden This garden trellis was the result of a fresh coat of spray paint on a CD rack. So, now you don't have to buy any expensive trellis for your climbing plants. All it takes is an old CD rack. (via Shabby Glam ) A Jewelry. CD Lamp What you'll need: CD stack, strong wire, LED strip How to: Depending on how sturdy you want it to be, you can either screw through the CD stack, or just use strong wire alongside the LED.

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This recycling program includes items such as CD's, DVD's, floppy disks, flash drives, VHS tapes, and vinyl records. Cases for these items are included in the recycling program as well, provided that the cases are brought with the storage media items themselves. Empty cases without storage media are not included in the program Quick answer: Yes, of course, you can recycle CDs! Recycling CDs involve the recovery of its components - mainly polycarbonate and aluminium. The recovered materials from recycling CDs can be reused to make other products. According to this article, 98 per cent of the recovered materials from CDs are reusable materials

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To play a CD or DVD. Insert the disc you want to play into the drive. Typically, the disc will start playing automatically. If it doesn't play, or if you want to play a disc that is already inserted, open Windows Media Player, and then, in the Player Library, select the disc name in the navigation pane. If you inserted a DVD, select a DVD title. To back up your old CD-Rs or DVD-Rs, you'll need a computer and a compatible CD or DVD optical drive to read the discs. Some people have had more success using older drives, claiming they tend to read older discs better than modern ones. This is anecdotal evidence, though. Plus, older drives can be hard to get, unless you find one on eBay. If. Selling your old CDs is the easiest way to make space in your house and earn yourself some extra cash too. You'll get an instant price for your CDs and we'll pay you the same day we receive your items! We're rated Excellent on Trustpilot and have paid out hundreds of millions to our happy customers

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Time needed: 5 minutes. Heat the cd or dvd with a hairdryer set to high heat. Caution: The disc will get hot. Hold it by the edges to avoid burning your fingers, or set the disc on a pot-holder and blast it full-on. Insert a butterknife in between the two layers of the CD, and gently wiggle it to pry the layers apart In relation to getting rid of the physical media holding old software and data, I have boxes of old CDs and DVDS with images and data files which I mean to put physically under the hammer (protected by something to gather the shards). I do this in the garden - not recommended for apartment dwellers. Hard drives are much more difficult to destroy

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The DiscFlipper website is super easy to use. You simply enter the barcode number on your CDs into the box above and click the Add CD button. We'll then tell you what it's worth. You can continue uploading as many CDs as you want - the more you want to sell, the more cash we'll give you! We offer a free courier collection service or. I crush CDs and DVDs with my bare hands or a paper shredder designed to have disks fed in. We contract a licensed and bonded document destruction company for paper shredding in general. The same company takes our old hard drive platters and crushes/shreds them as needed If you've got a lot of old scrapped computers that contain disc drives of various kinds - DVD drives, CD-ROM drives, dual drives for floppies and CDs, or even plain old floppy drives - you could be looking at electronics scrap that is more valuable and worth recycling Warehouse worker Joe Kadomrezz , 30, made £3,858.16 from selling old CDs, DVDs and games to pay off his bills - and he even made enough to go on holiday with his best mate

Sep 17, 2015 - Explore Jeanette Schmeling's board CD rack repurpose on Pinterest. See more ideas about cd rack, cd rack repurpose, dvd rack There are tons of fun recycled projects that you can do to reuse, repurpose and bring life back to things you no longer have interest in using! As computer systems are continually upgraded, CDs become obsolete. Games, music, promotional DVDs, all are great projects in the making Minimizing CD and DVD waste overload. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and there's a few things you can do to lessen the amount of CD and DVD media that accumulates in your house. - Use rewriteable DVD/CD media - Download music and videos instead of buying them on dis HOW TO: Use Old CDs for Mosaic Craft Projects - DIY Kitchen Backsplash Tips and Tricks: This instructable goes into detail about how we (my partner Renier and I) created a mosaic backsplash using CDs and the tips and tricks we learned along the way.The backsplash is truly impressive. When light shines on it, it creates beautiful color Saying Goodbye To CDs Is Not Hard To Do. With CD rates so low, we must look for CD investment alternatives. Perhaps if you are super risk adverse, already in retirement, and have no other passive income whatsoever, CD investing is appropriate. However even then, a 70 year old can find greater returns in often criticized annuities

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Yes, start straight away! I did mine a litle over a year ago and don't miss the physical discs at all. Depending on your hardware and the size of your collection, some, all or none of this may be useful to you. For context, I have a Windows based. Below are 11 inventive projects you can try during your free time to reuse your old CD or DVD player. 1. Add Bluetooth to an Old DVD Player. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations Well, you can use your old CD and DVD case to make a calendar case for your desk. All you need to do is get a piece of the calendar's face you want to use. Then, ensure it is the same size as the rectangular CD and DVD case. Finally, put the calendar on the CD or DVD case and place it on your work desk..

Do you have a collection of CD cases with no purpose? Give them new life again with 20 DIY crafts! Last week I shared DIY Crafts: 25 Ways to Recycle CDs and DVDs, which left me thinking, what about all of the cases?After getting lost on Pinterest for a few minutes — okay, a few hours — I realized that there are so many possibilities! From DIY green houses to a fun CD planter, there. Fix CD or DVD Drive Not Reading Discs in Windows 10. Make sure to create a restore point just in case something goes wrong. Method 1: Rollback CD or DVD drive drivers. 1.Press Windows Key + R then type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter.. 2.Expand DVD/CD-ROM drives then right-click on your CD/DVD drive and select Properties.. 3.Switch to driver tab and click Roll Back Driver As a test, I tried a recent CD which was made on my built-in CD drive and there was no problem. Only a problem with the old CDs that were created with it. I hope someone has some suggestions as to how I can recover my old files from these old CDs.

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Digitize Your CDs and Reclaim Your Closet. If you happen to be using iTunes for your big CD conversion project, you can speed the process by setting the program to automatically import the tracks. Do you have old CD cases lying around? Bet you do and here is a list of all the things you could do with a CD case.. Some of these are genius! What to do with CD cases. Make a Fake Stained Glass Window.If you have a collection of colorful CD cases, and a room you want more privacy in, consider creating a stained window using the CDs as window covering Minimizing CD Waste. The old proverb that says An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure applies here as well. Here are a few things you can do to lessen the amount of CDs in your house. Use rewriteable DVDs/CDs; Stop buying music on disc and download it instead; Request companies to stop sending you advertising on CD or DVDs Goodwill still sells CDs and DVDs and collects them at its drop-off locations. Many libraries also take them, and will either stock them for checkout or sell them at sales or their used stores. You do have to pay to get them shipped there, but I know some people are willing to put their money where their mouth is, in order to 'do the right thing'. Disc recycling say For individuals or small businesses we can provide a specially designed box that holds up to 400 CD, DVD, Blu-Ray discs ( 7.1 Kg ) A £30 charge covers, delivery.